The song above is Falling by The Civil Wars ~ covered by Daniela Andrade.
I spent yesterday night wondering what is the big deal in adopting an orphan. Except for the fact that Melissa made herself an orphan. It would almost mean that my life is in danger every time I'm around her. But, I don't believe that anyone can actually hurt someone they love. Moreover, she needs LOVE to overcome her loneliness, not therapy. She is really in need of someone who cares for her so much. Her family did not give her the attention which she deserved.

Loneliness had become something that she lived with and now, she has begun to believe that the loneliness belonged with her. But I could change that. Couldn't I?

The more I thought about it, all my sleep was lost. So, I woke up at 9 today. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on an oversized brown T-Shirt with a black cardigan. The T-Shirt used to belong to my mother who never calls me or talks to me nowadays. She was totally against the idea of me joining psychology in college.

It was three years earlier. One day, after I returned from college, she asked me to sit down. My dad was in work. She sat on the couch opposite me and stated that I should move out and become independent. I can't say I was not shocked.

My brother was in seventh grade. Melissa's age now. He didn't know what was going on because he was up in his room finishing his homework and listening to songs. I still can't imagine him living without me. Maybe its just me. Maybe, he already forgot me. Maybe, my family just erased me.

I wore white leggings and brown ankle-length boots. I ran my hand through my hair quickly and pulled on a beanie on top of my head. It took me just 15 minutes to get ready. I only took my purse which had some cash sufficient to buy me a breakfast. Of course, my phone was in there too. I got into the car and turned the key. It took 45 minutes to reach there. It was 10:05 when I got down from the car. The police woman that I had seen on the first day, came up to me and told me that Sally had taken a sick leave. I nodded and walked to the table in the lawn where Melissa was sitting. When I got closer, I got to know that her eyes were red.

Me: Hi Melissa! Did you cry yesterday?

Her: Yeah. I cried today too.

Me: Why?

Her: Because, you didn't answer my question yesterday and I just realised that you hated me too.

Me: No, dear. I like you a lot. I love you. Its just that the question was a bit unexpected.

Her: So, have you thought about it after leaving yesterday?

Me: Yeah. I've thought about it all day and all night. And I have no problem. I have to ask Officer Sally about it when she comes tomorrow.

Her: Wait. Aunt Sally is an officer?

Me: What? Sally is your aunt?

Her: Technically, my guardian now.

Me: What relation to your parents?

Her: Well, she is my dad's sister.

Me: Are you sure that she isn't an officer?

Her: The last time I checked, yes. She isn't.

Me: Excuse me for a moment.

I walked to the building and asked for Sally's number at home. The police woman from earlier told me her address too. I decided that it wouldn't be so hard to visit her. I went back to Melissa.

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