I sighed.

She was going to throw a tantrum.

"NNAAAAATTTEEEEE!!!!" Tears rushed down her cheeks.

I knelt down and said, "Izzy ... Mommy needs you to be good because she's busy, too. She can't have you crying over candy right now."

She hiccuped and nodded.

"Thanks, love. Do you still want to go inside?"

She shook her head. I sighed and leaned on the wall.

I was broken.

I heard her footsteps leaving me alone. I sighed once more and started walking towards Father's study. Whenever I felt unstable, I knew that place would be bring me safety and reassurance. When I was a child, Father would always let me play in his study. He had the most firm posture, radiating his power and mighty. I had always looked up to him, despite the fact that I always deny it. Let's not mention Mom. She is Queen among queens. Throughout the years, her beauty hasn't changed and she still is the most stubborn person I know. I love my parents for who they are, and their protection towards me and my sisters.

My hand landed on the doorknob, but I didn't have the strength to open the door. I lay my head on the door, thinking of what this study meant now.

All memories. That is what is left. He has left behind his powerful legacy for his next male heir to follow. A legacy that I know I will never be able to live up to. Mother is known to be direct descendant to the most powerful Fulmen ruler. I wish I felt the same about me and my mother, but I know I don't really get her side of powers.

My parents mixed a rarity of powers, an abomination as what the officials told them when they had me. They thought I was going to die because I was always sick. I would always be kept in bed with high temperatures. All the officials cursed my parents' marriage. There were only a few people who believed in their union. Father knew from the beginning that everything was going to be okay.

A new breed of royalty had been born and Father was proud.

And yes, readers, I do control both thunder and water. My lightning powers are a bit off at times, but I can control them. Mother is the best of the best, though. Her wish is her command. The exact position she wants is exactly where everything happens. She can create a whole thunderstorm around her and not get harmed. I can't say the same. I can electrocute myself, but not get horribly hurt. I believe Eddie inherited Mom's powers. She can almost do the same, but not as strong and powerful. I was jealous of her at times that she was so cool and collected. She radiated such confidence while I struggle to keep everything together.

Everyone knows I'm unstable and my parents are afraid of that. No one wants an unstable ruler. Father says it must be the different races flowing through my veins, but I disagree. I just am an unstable guy.

I felt a hand on mine. I looked up to see Mom's electric blue eyes. Her eyes were red, but her smile was genuine. She kissed me on the cheek and opened the door. She gave me a small push and slid her hand through mine. She led me to the small couch and we sat down. She put her arm around me and I lay my head on her shoulder. She slid her fingers through my hair, continuously. I held onto her other hand, tightly. I closed my eyes trying so hard not to cry and break down in front of her. I knew she knew, though.

"Don't be afraid," she said, softly in my ear. "No one is watching."

My lips quivered and she kissed my hand she was holding. "I love you, Nate." I bit down on my lips and shut my eyes tighter. "And I know how much he loved you, too." She sighed, shakily. "He fell in love with you at first sight, my baby. When you were born, he wouldn't let you go. His eyes never left you. He finally got a male heir and he was so happy. He already looked proud of you and loved you so much. He would kiss your tiny hands and feet." She hiccuped. "Every night, he would go to your room and read you stories of our ancestors long ago. He always wished you to be the best of the Fulmen heirs. I wanted the same. He saw you grow before his eyes and I knew he didn't want you, too. He was worried about your well-being." She didn't continue. "We should have known his."

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