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Ghoul, yes. That was what I was now. No longer human.
That's great.
The man fell forward in a blood spur. Screaming in agony as I chewed on what I bit off.
"W-What... What did I just do?" I said blankly looking up. I thought I would feel fear but I felt nothing.
"You went with your instincts." Yukine said. He came beside me and looked at me. "Your pupil is glowing red. It will most likely stay like that until you die. Which is hard for you to die a third time."
"Dying three times makes you close to being immortal." Yukina said.
"Can I eat other things than humans?" I asked.
"Only if it has blood of some sort." He responded. I looked down at my hands. They were covered in blood. Why can't I feel sorrow?
"Hey you." A voice said in a distance. It was coming from the roof. I lifted my head up to see a guy with snake like skin. Another creature.
"She doesn't seem to be a threat... she looks fresh." A little girl mumbled. I could hear her very clear even though she was far away. She must be his familiar.
"What do you want?" Yukine said. He moved in front of me to shield me from their eyes.
"Go away." Yukina said as she did the same.
"Two familiars." The girl mumbled again.
"No way, Moe, how can there be two familiars for one soul?" He said.
I looked at him. Blankly again. He seemed to notice my missing yet there eye. Blood all over me. And the twitching corpse I just took a bite of.
"Kukuku, how interesting." He snickered. "I guess I have no choice to but to challenge you girl with two souls!" He laughed and the girl called "Moe" transformed into a splintered whip.
I didn't move, I felt no fear.
My heart feels cold as ice.
"Ame!!" Yukine called out to me. It took me a moment to realise that I was tied up in the splintered whip. The sharp splinters made little holes in my skin. More blood.
My blood.
"No!!!" I screamed. "I don't want to be emotionless! I want to be normal! I didn't ask for this!"
"Foolish girl! Why be normal? Normal is boring! Kukuku!" He laughed. 'He had lost his humanity long ago' Moe said in a sad tone.
'Am I going to be like that?' I cried to her.
I don't need anyone to become strong.
"Hehehe..." I mumbled. I shook my head. "You're right..." I whispered. I looked up slowly smiling with tears I my eyes. "BEING NORMAL IS BORING!!!!" I shouted. It startled Moe and she loosened her grip on me. I was then able to reach both of my hands out. Leaning me closer to the Snake creature. Before I knew it I had two gauntlets on my fist and I had just punched the creature in the head caving the skull in.
"Ugh..." Moe whimpered. She turned back into a human form and walked up to the knocked out man. She fixed his skull.
I stood on the roof next to them as I rubbed my bleeding cuts.
"Thank you." Moe said. I made a confused face. I didn't know what she was thanking me for. I just knocked out her master.
"For what?" I said turning towards her.
"For knocking some sense into him." She replied. My gauntlets disintegrated and Yukine and Yukina both regained their form.
"Ah!" I yelped in surprise.
Moe turned towards me and bowed.
"Please don't lose your humanity too..."she whispered. "He use to be so nice and caring... but then things happened and Tomoya lost his mind..."
I covered my eye. I stood there a second and then nodded. 'Yes'
"Bye bye..." she waved and took him through the air. I watched them disappear.
"A creature and their souls share a bond. And if the creature falls, the soul has no choice but to obey them." Yukine said.
I looked at Yukina who was looking in the horizon in a daze. That's weird.
I don't feel her connection to me.
Is it because she was made out of my left eye?
"Yukine... I can feel our bond but not Yukina's..." I whispered to him.
He nodded and looked at Yukina.
"I have to protect you even though... we don't have a official bond. I'm part of you still. To protect you is all I wanted..." she said. Her face, had a form of a doll I had when my parents died.

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