Homecoming Part 2

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Taylor POV:
FINALLY! School was already over. Nicole and I drive back to our apartment and we just chill. Plus on the first two weeks or so of school we dont get homework! But I cant stop thinking about what Matt told me about Cameron and Nicole! Sorry but I need to tell her...
Taylor: Dude I need to tell you something...
Nicole: Ya?
Taylor: Okay so...
Nicole: Wait hold on... CAMERON TEXTED ME
It was silent for a momment and she read the text Cameron sent
Nicole: Hey Taylor... Can I use your car. Cameron wants to me to come to his house... He needs to talk to me
Taylor: Can I drive you?
Nicole: Okay sure but please let me shower I bet I stink ...
Nicoles POV
I take a quick shower and I put my hair down and curl it. I put on a white flower crown and I put on a big sweater that says "Messy Hair Dont Care" (Plus its hella cold outside) and i put on some black skinny jeans with some black converse.
Taylors POV
Taylor: okay are you ready?
Nicole: YASSS
Taylor: mkay and you look so bootyful today
Nicole: Thank you (And I pretended to pray 🙏)
Taylor: Im just kitten with you ... You dont look bootyful
Nicole: Oh...
Taylor: NAH im just kitten with you by kitten with you! You do look AWESOME (and i clap my hands)
Nicole and I both started laughing. Finally we get to Camerons house and he was sitting outside waiting for Nicole..
Nicole: Okay... wish me good luck im so nervous dude..
Taylor: Dont be
Nicole: Okay bye wait here!
Taylor: okay I will
Nicoles POV:
I get out Taylors car and Taylor went to go get something to eat so she didnt really wait for me but she will be back... I saw Cameron and he smiled at me so I smiled back and we started walking around the neighborhood
Nicole: So why did you want me to talk to you?
Cameron: Okay so Ill tell you the real reason why I didnt talk to you all day..
Nicole: Okay so what is it?
Cameron looks super nervous and he starts to blush a lot... I already have a feeling of what he might say though... I stop Cameron and i turn him towards me and stare deep into his eyes.
Nicole: Dont be nervous just tell me...
Cameron: Okay fine .. The real reaso why Ive been ignoring you is that Im ...
Nicole: You're what?
Cameron: Im in love with you...
Cameron walks away and he looks super embarrassed but he looks cute at the same time. I run up to him and stop him again...
Nicole: Stop why are you walking away?!
Cameron: Because I know you dont like me
Nicole: Okay stop Im actaully in love with you too! You make me the happiest girl. I just love you so much too!
I keep going on and on of how much I love him and he stops me by kissing me... KISSING ME!!
Cameron: I love you too...
Nicole: (I hug him tight) So does this mean we are official? (And I look up to him and stare into his brown eyes)
Cameron: I guess...
I cant believe this just happened. A dream comtrue actually!

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