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Braking news a lot has hapend in da cbp land nd it is vry confus
Frst jade nd Mandy got maried nd day was gr8 but den brynn came nd taked jades wife or so dey Thot but den jade wuz watching from her igloo nd she cud c all da peeps she saw dat Rachel was tryin to mke brynn think she is loal but den a insidr sid dat Rachel wuz with hosh dun but den another insidr sid she wuz fckin rj but den dey sid brynn wuz fuckin Mandy becuz dey live close but jade was watching from her iglo nd dey weren't fucking nd den brynn nd Rachel went nd buyed Japan nd den jade and Mandy went to kapan nd jack Hemmings gived them kapan nd den more insiders came nd den everyone was always lyin nd den everyone askt why u always lyin nd den everyone stoped always lyin
What wil hapen on da next episod of keping up with da cbp?????

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