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"Kiss daw" the host whispered to Rhian

She looked at Glaiza who's now standing at the other side of the stage. Even though the place is dark because the lights are dim, she can still see the uneasy look on Glaiza's face. Rhian didn't get it. It looks like Glaiza don't like what's happening. Hindi siya ganito. Hindi ganito ang Glaiza na kilala ko.

Rhian walked towards the other side of the stage. They stared at each other for a moment but Glaiza looked away. She walk passed at Glaiza, talked to someone behind her.

The crowd went wild when Rhian face her. They want this. But i admit, i want this too.

Their gaze locked. Memorizing each other's face. Rhian held Glaiza's left cheek. Glaiza did the same. Rhian slowly move her head towards Glaiza's. And with just a heartbeat, she gave her a peck on the side of her lips

The crowd went wilder. They witnessed RASTRO's kiss, LIVE! For pete's sake! No more hopia feels!

Rhian saw Glaiza's reaction. Emotionless. She saw her smile but didn't reach her eyes. What's her problem?

"isa pa daw" the host cheered

Glaiza was hiding at Rhian's back. She's shy-no she feel so uncomfortable. She's not in the mood for this.

The crowd starts the countdown.


And she felt Rhian's lips on her right cheek. She just smiled.

They are here at some club in Manila for the TRMD After Party with Katrina Halili, Sheena Halili and Stephanie Sol. Everyone congratulates them for the successful show.

Its already midnight when the party ended. They thanked everyone who supported the show from the beginning 'til the end.

Rhian's walking towards the exit when she saw Glaiza walking towards her car. She ran to her. There's so many unanswered  questions on her mind.

"Glai" she called her. Glaiza faced her with a surprise look on her face

"Oh, Rhi"

"Can we talk?" Rhian asked

"Pwede bukas nalang? I'm so tired" Glaiza said; emotionless.

That's it. Rhian can't take it anymore. She grabbed Glaiza's wrist and drag her across the road. She pinned Glaiza on the wall, her both hands on Glaiza's side.

The alley is dark. The only light was the post on the road. But she can still see her Lablab's angelic face.

"Is there any problem?" She asked greeted teeth

"Ano bang sinasabi mo? Rhian, let me go please. It's getting late. I need to go home" She tried to escape but she failed.

"Damn it Glaiza! Come on! Alam kong may problema! Kausapin mo naman ako ng maayos!" She can't really take it anymore. She provoked her.

Glaiza was surprised. She didn't expected this "Rhi" is the only word she managed to say

"Kanina kapa. Kanina kapa umiiwas saakin. Ano bang problema? Akala ko wala lang nung una pero meron talaga e. Ang daming nakahalata. Even Steph asked me what's your problem. Hindi ko masagot kasi hindi ko talaga alam. Ano ba Glai? Answer me! Damn!"

Glaiza finally composed herself. "Ikaw ang problema ko"

Rhiam caught offguard. "Ako ang problema mo?"

"Yes, ikaw. Rhian nahihirapan na ako! Ano, kapag nandoon ka, kay Jason ka? Tapos ano? Kapag may event, ako naman? Oo alam ko bago pa man mag TRMD may boyfriend kana. Tanggap ko. Pero puñeta ang sakit dito!" pointed her heart "Ano ba talaga tayo ha?"

"Hindi moba nakikita? Nahihirapan din ako! Gusto kona makipag-hiwalay sakanya so that maging masaya na tayo. Pero hindi ko ginagawa! Dahil panigurado madadawit ang pangalan mo! Can't you see? Pinaghihiwalay tayo! Ayaw nilang maging ikaw ang imahe ng mga Lesbiana sa Pilipinas!" tears rolling down her cheeks "Sht Glaiza, Mahal kita. Mahal na mahal" She lose her energy. She sat down the floor, covered her face and sobbed

Glaiza hurriedly went down to her and hugged her "Sshhhh i'm so sorry, Love" while kissing her hair "I'm sorry please tahan na oh" and held her face.

Rhian raised her gaze to met her's. All she can see in her eyes are love and longing. She can't control her sobs anymore. I miss this woman. I miss the love of my life. I miss my leading lady.

"Lab tama na" Glaiza kissed her tears away.

"don't do that again.. please?" she pleaded

"Promise ko hindi na.. Tahan na baby please?" paglalambing nito.

Finally, Rhian calmed down. She took a deep breath before wiping her tears away. She was about to stand but Glaiza pin her on the wall and kiss her passionately. Slowly, Glaiza help her stand by holding her waist still not broking the kiss. They parted when they cant hardly breathe

"I miss you, G" Rhian whispered

"I miss you too so much, R" Glaiza smiled sweetly

"Your place or mine?.." Rhian winked and smirked

"Mine" with that, Rhian walked to her car while Glaiza hugging her from the back and giving her love marks on her neck and shoulders

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