Y/N's POV:
Cameron and I were both sat on the sofa on our phones. "Babe, I'm hungry." Cameron whines while moving up closer to me. "Well then make something to eat." I mutter while focusing on my phone. Cameron took my phone and sat on it. "Your so evil." I say while crossing my arms. "Yeah but you love me." He smiles while kissing my face repeatedly. I couldn't help but blush and giggle at his forgiveness reaction. "Fine, where do you want to go?" I huff while looking up at him. "24 hour pizza plaza." Cameron says while pulling me up. "I'm wearing Nike pro shorts and a neon yellow top." I say while looking down at my outfit. "Stop whining, I'm hungry." Cameron says while I laugh.
"Your drinks?" The waitress asks while holding out a pad and pen. "We'll both have water." Cameron says while smiling. "Okay, and are you ready to order?" She asks with a smile. "Just a large pepperoni pizza." Cameron says while I smile. "Anything else?" She asks while writing down the number 76. "No thank you." I answer while she smiles and walks away. "Y/N?" Cameron asks while reaching for my hand across the table. "Yes?" I ask while looking at him. "Stop getting so pretty." He answers while I blush.
"Okay." I say while smiling. He smiles back and rests his head on the booth. His jawline stood out of his face, the slight vein in his neck. I was gazing for to long because Cameron was staring at me back. "What?" I ask while laughing. "Nothing." Cameron says while our legs tangle under the table. We ate the pizza and paid the price. "Thanks for stopping by." The waitress says while cleaning up our plates. "Welcome." Cameron shouts back while holding my hand. We walked to the car and got in. I put on my seatbelt and sat up straight. Cameron was staring at me again.
I looked at him, then looked away, then smiled. "Okay seriously tell me now." I say while Cameron turns on the ignition. "I just wanted to kiss you." He says while leaning over the brake handle. I lean in and kiss him. He deepens the kiss and swipes his tongue across my bottom lip. I giggle and pull away. "Why did you pull away?" He whines while pulling down the brake handle. "Because we're making out in a pizza parking lot, you'll get more when you get home." I say while he winks. I smile and blush a deep shade of red.
Cameron pulls into our driveway and turns off the ignition. We both get out and walk to the front door. I had the front door key so I opened the door. I took of my shoes and Cameron shuts the door. I push a strand of hair out of my face and behind my ear. I look at Cameron and he smiles. I walk to him and turn around. He roams his hands around my body while I feel him. I slip away and walk into the living room. Cameron follows me and jumps onto the sofa. I sit down close to him and watch whatever was on TV.
"Cameron, why do models-" I start. His lips were moving roughly on mine. I suck onto his bottom lip and he squeezes my butt. I open in surprise and he expertly slides in his tongue. I straddle him and pull away. He brings my head closer and giggles. I kiss him like I've never kissed someone before. He moved onto my cheek, cheekbone, earlobe, kisses along the neck, down my chest. I did the same to him but left a hickey on his neck. "I didn't get to tell my question." I say while pouting. "Your question was?" Cameron says while holding me by my butt. "How do models dress so quickly?" I ask while nodding.
"I don't know." He says while I smile. "Course you didn't." I say while looking at the TV screen. I turn around and see him looking at my chest. I slowly rip of my neon shirt and hang it around his neck. I was confident of my body so I can show my stomach. Mine was toned so I didn't actually have many curves. Cameron takes in my chest and leans into it. I watch him as he unclips my bra with one hand. The bra slowly falls down and onto the floor. I wrap my arms around my chest as Cameron looked at me. "You always do that." He whines while I press my chest on his. He looks down on me and kisses me.
I moan into his mouth as he grabs my butt.
Yeah, we're pretty sexual.

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