Weird Place

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"NO DON'T HURT THEM PLEASE " . I wake up to that screaming. What the hell was that nightmare. When I see that I am still half way through the plane trip. I don't want to go back to sleep anymore. For some reason that dreamed disturbed me. Why did I have that dream. It was weird.

The plane trip is finally over . There is not much things that scare me but planes terrify me . Once I get off the plane , I look for someone holding my name in a sign . There. I see my name. I get in the car with the man . "Hello ,My name is Sam ,How's your day going." he say's . He's trying to make conversation I don't want that. It's best if he would just leave me alone." It's fine ..... I guess" I say . "Really so what brought you here to Reverse Falls" he says . He's annoying. "Me being a orphan " . That shuts him up. The rest of the car trip is silent. Reverse Falls . Weird name . This place is mostly woods though . I like it , I like places that are mostly isolated. I would be a shame when I leave here,when I know I would .

When I get out of the car I see that the orphanage looks really old . I get in and I introduce myself. "Hello my name is Sypher." I say. " I know sweetie you don't have to act so formal." she says. She won't be calling me sweetie for long. "My name is Elizabeth but just call me Ms.Rose." She seems nice but she won't stay nice for long. "Alex will show you to your room." Alex seems shy . He shows me to my room. My room seems big ,so I put my stuff down . I lay down on my bed. I want to explore the town ,so I leave. I walk around the neighborhood and I see a poster that says" See the Gleeful Twins at The Tent of Telepathy Today at 8:30" . That seems interesting I think that's a good thing to pass the time.

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