Chapter 10

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(Name) stirred slightly upon Yoon's shouting. "How much do I have to say that it's rather distasteful to tie up pretty siblings like us and put us in a cage?! Look, I'll tell you this, if you do anything to us then you'll be the ones punished by the heavens! These good looks are because we're loved by the heavens! Also, we're friends with the Thunder Beast, okay?!"

"Your punishment will be decided by our dragon." Was the cold reply that came.

(Name) groaned. Her neck was sore and the ropes around her wrists and ankles were hurting her. Not to mention a small cage with someone else in it was not exactly the ideal place for a nap. Rocking on her behind, she pushed herself into a sitting position and looked around. There was one man guarding the cage, probably the one who replied to Yoon, and they were surrounded by whitewash huts with straw roofs. It definitely seemed like a place a descendent of a dragon might be. The guard mentioned something about 'our dragon' too didn't he?

"Aaand on your left you see a statue of Lord Hakuryuu." Tourists? (Name) turned to see Hak and Yona being led around the village like visitors.

"Yona! Hak! Over here!" (Name) called out to them. If her hands weren't tied, she would have waved too.

"Hold on! How do you get to just casually walk around the dragon's village while the pretty boy and girl gets put in a cage?! I should be the one getting special treatment, shouldn't I?!"

"Oh! Yoon and (Name), are you alright?"

"Oh sure, we're doing just fine being tied up you stupid princess!"

The 'tour guide' walked to the guard.

"We have treated these two rudely. Let these two go."


"He is the red hair's guest."

"Oh! Excuse me!"

(Name) sprung out of the cage the moment she was untied and boy was she happy.

"Do they worship red-hair or something?" She questioned.

"I don't know. The moment they saw the princess, they suddenly changed." Hak replied, deep in thought. "No, rather than the princess, it was..."

The 'tour guide' apologized for capturing the two siblings. Apparently, this was the village of Hakuryuu, the place where one of the four dragons, Lord Hakuryuu, drifted to when his duty came to a close after the war during the time of the legend. Up until then, they had eliminated all bandits and other heinous people who had wanted to obtain the power of Hakuryuu. It was their clan's honourable mission to protect Lord Hakuryuu, and ensure that the bloodline is passed on.

Before he could finish explaining about the village, the gang was already surrounded by the people of the Hakuryuu clan, all reaching out for a glimpse or touch of Yona's red hair and complimenting its beauty.

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