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"AGH!" I held my my shoulder, he picked me up too quick and too rough. Did it cross his mind that I was bleeding, or that I could be dying...?! We stopped in front of a mansion, "w-what is this place...?" I asked softly looking up at him and locking eyes with this revolting demon.
He smirked, "your new home..." His voice was smoother than before, more calm and he seemed more collected, "what are you talking about, you're insane!" Again my yelling scratched my throat and I coughing didn't help either, " shush; you will hurt yourself even more ..." With that being said he took me inside the great manor which is now my home.
A maid, with dark skin and black hair in a neat braid took me from the man from now what I can see he was wearing a suit. She walked into a room which was some sort of nursing room, she set me on a table gently and tended to my wounds.
I flinched when she touched my back, "n-no...don't" I I pleaded, "...My lord your wings could be damaged if I left them unattended who knows what Stephen would do..." I was shocked, 'my lord'? Stephen must be the man who...saved me. I shook my head, " I'm NOT your lord...nor do I need my wings tended to and Stephen can jump off a bridge for all I care!" I need to stop yelling. She jumped back a bit startled from my yelling," m-my lord u-um... We...we-" " you're mine now, and I'm yours Christian..." I and the maid turned and Stephen was standing there holding a comb and some first aid kit, "what do you mean 'I'm yours'... I'm not anyone's I'm independent now-" he smirked," five minutes ago you were a mindless soldier working for the man upstairs well...the people who took over but now you're surrounded by demons...even marked by one..." He was still smirking...I loved and hated it at the same time, " stop smirking dammit! You're nothing but filth, and no I wasn't a 'mindless soldier' I had independence-" "did you really?" Agh! He needs to stop smirking, this demon is driving me insane.
An hour after I was all patched up a sat at the window as Stephen or my new butler sat behind me patching up my tattered wings... He finds them 'breathtaking'... After that he put me to bed, smiled and walked out leaving the lamp on, "marked...?" I thought but where I looked at my hands, legs, chest and then I brought my hand to my neck and flinched, I stood and walked over to the mirror and stood in shock, in was marked by the beast.

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