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I am still trying to figure out the pictures for the characters so I'll keep looking:) Here is a picture of Peace locket.Well here is Chapter 2



My mama always tell me to where my locket because it came from my grandma. My mother always tell me I look just like her. She tells me that Werewolfs, Vampires, Angels, Witches, etc lives on Earth. Pure humans died a long time ago but werewolf are the closet things to pure humans.

Well I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I am always happy like 24/7. I don't like being sad or depressed, but than again, who does. I am 16 years old, I was born in 2037 and the year is now 2053.

Life is really hard on us poor people. Every year girls has to go to balls so they can find their "mate's" but mama said I don't have to worry about it. Girls do get kidnapped for not intending the ball or whatnot. I kinda don't care because life is to short to think stuff like that. As I was thinking inside my small tiny room I than heard a knock.

"Who is it?" I ask

No answer

"Who go's there" I tried again seeing the stranger isn't going to answer

"Get away you filthy dog" I scream as I grab the closest thing which was my pink pillow

"Really, all the things you decided to throw, you throw a pillow" My dad ask while smiling showing his pretty white teeth.

"Yea it's the first thing I could think of" I said as I laugh at how silly I was acting

My mama and dad are both vampires. But somehow I'm half werewolf half angel. 99% vampires are very very rich. The riches supernatural in the world, as I know. My mama and dad could be rich, but since I'm not a vampire we're poor. Now most people are mix with half angel half vampire or half with and half vampire. It kinda doesn't matter. But somehow being half werewolf and half angel is like really bad. My mama said I'm the only mix bred , but she always tell me to be proud of who I am. You can basically be poor by not having any money, or being a weird bred like me.

"How are you doing"? My father ask as he sat down on my twin bed which dip as he sat down

"I guess I'm ok. What bring you the reason to talk to me" I ask

"Well.. You know how every year girls all around the world goes to the special ballroom to find their mate or whatever." I nod my head

"Well that isn't going to happen this year." I than about to ask 'what does he mean' but he than continues

"Well the King Queen and the Leaders of the vampire community decides that instead of a ball it should be Death Corner." He said as he look at me

"Why not have the ball?" I ask. Curious of why not having the ball

"3 reasons Peace. FIRST reasons is the ball started in 2020 and now that it's 2053 they think we should change things a little bit. SECOND reasons is that not all girls participated in the ball and they get really tired of kidnapping girls all the time and they kinda want a different excitement. I think. And the THIRD reasons is that one person doesn't participate, which is you Peace. Since we are very poor and you are half they decided that if you get pick by a vampire you have to be their personal servant." Dad explain with sadness in his eyes

"But I-I-I don't want to do it" I sod as I put my hands onto my face

Dad than grab me as I cry into his chest. After 20minutes I than started to clam down

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