Chapter 12

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I cried. This was all my fault. I should've stopped that bitch once and for all; I should've killed her. She is dead now. I let my child become the way she is. Why am I still alive? I don't deserve to be alive... Not after the things I've done...

I went into the room she was in and sat down besides her. She looked so beautiful, so peaceful. Slenderman assures she is going to be okay, so I suppose I'll have to put my trust in his judgement.

I grip her hand, as my hot tears trail down my cheeks and fell onto her hand. I've only just been reunited with her, just to have er ripped away from me once again.


I felt my mothers hand. I felt my mothers tears. I felt her pain. I grew up without a real mother. The only female figures I grew up with were either children (Sally and S.E.N) or bitchy women (Jane and Clockwork). I want to hug my mother. I want to feel the love of her warm embrace.

Please I'm sick of being asleep. It's getting old. I'm bored. It's getting painful watching the people I love suffer. I've been here almost 6 months now! How much longer do I need?! WAKE THE FUCK UP damnit...


"Mmmm mmm mmmm mm mmmmmm..." I heard a mumble.

"Alex..? I-Is that you..?" I stare down at her.

"Mmootherrrrr....?" I heard her. Her mouth was moving ever so slightly. I stood up and screamed out of the door.

"EVERYONE!!! ALEX IS TALKING!!! SHES TALKING!!" I scream, before running back into the room, grabbing her hand.


"EVERYONE!! ALEX IS TALKING!! SHES TALKING!!" I hear my mother scream.

"Alex? Can you hear me? Are you waking up??" She asks me. It takes all of my strength but I manage to muster out a few words.

"I thinnk so." I tried to open my eyes but they stayed bolted down.

"Alex?" I heard Jeff's voice, followed by Helen's "Please come back..." They both said together.

It took all of my energy but I managed to slowly open my eyes!! I was awake at last!!!

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