Day 5- Favourite female character?

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Every female demigod has been mean to me the second they saw me--for some reason. Yeah, so not her. (They call me her, they call me Jane! That's not my name! :) But you know who I'm talking about..

So no demigods. And the mortals.. They only know me as, like, the mean girl or something. I'm actually head cheerleader, but mortals have their clichés and all that and write books about mean cheerleaders.

Gods maybe? (I'm so happy I don't have to choose between male ones..) Athena's oka-- never mind. Demeter? I don't really eat mortal food, so I'm not sure. (Just please don't become Grainzilla on me.) Yeah, no, not Hera. This is taking a while... Is Hecate a character? I know I'm biased, but still- I kinda am the master of disguise, if I do say so myself!


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