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Pen Your Pride

Watch your back

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Tamera (p.o.v)

"What!" They all said in unison

"Get out of my face! Do you not understand English!! MOVE!" I said in anger

They went to speak again but I cut them off and gave them a piece of my mind.

"Yah! Shut up cause you three girls are ridiculous and pathetic and petty. Girls like you disgust me and I don't tolerate bullying so if you think I'm gonna sit back and listen to your petty bullshit about how I'm dating mark that has no interest in you whom you want me to leave alone y'all got me 100 degrees fucked up if u think I'm gonna leave him for stupid girls like you. So excuse me I have places to be." I said pissed off

I left the girls looking dumb founded and angry. But that ain't my damn problem. I don't even know their damn names I think imma call then the three studges.
I'm not going to leave Mark because of them.

I began to leave the school building and a car pulled up.
It was oppa (Mark)

"Get in" he said

"Why should I?" I said with a smirk

"Because I wanna give u a ride home, and you love me." He said smirking

I began to blush really hard and I smiled.

"True" I said

Then I hoped in his car and gave him a peck on his lips and we both smiled. Today wasn't a bad day. But those girls may be a problem so I gotta watch my back.

I got home took a shower and got in bed. Then I received a message from Mark saying:

"Jagi I love, and please get some beauty sleep. And think of me while you are dreaming xoxo" he sent in text

I replied and decided to go to sleep. I wonder what will happen at school tomorrow.

I'm sorry its short but I'm sleepy and I wanted and needed to at least put something up but I hope u like it.

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