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Fallen Episode 5: Having Fun Can Be Dangerous

|1:00 P.M. Location: The caverns|

"Marco! Be careful!" Eli yelled as I jump from pillar to pillar. "Yes mom!" I laugh. "Hey!" Eli started to run after me. I grin to myself, thinking of ways to scare him, "Woah!" I say as I 'slip.' "Marco!!" Eli screamed. "I'm fine!" "NO!! SKYTERROR!!" Eli screamed.

I look to my right to see one of it's heads. My grip slipped, "FUUUUUU-"I hit the ground. Having the wind knocked out of me Eli picked me up, rushing along as the Skyterror pushed over pillars. The cavern began to shake violently. "Marco! Are you okay?!"

"H-Huh?" "FUCK!" Eli yelled. Running faster, I look behind us. I wish I didn't. "AhhhHHH! ELI! IT'S-" "I KNOW!!" Rocks began to fall, "Eli! Put me down!!" "What?! No!" "ELI!" I yelled.

I kicked myself away from Eli, being dropped and Eli stumbling forward I stand. "Marco Let's fucking go!!" Eli pulled me along. I pushed Eli away, the Skyterror... It stopped right in front of me.

"Eli, go, now" I say in a hushed tone, "I-I can't leave you here with this thing" Eli whispered. "Go" I say again.

"Marco-" the cavern stared to collapse. I bolted off, grabbing Eli we ran out of the cavern. "Marco!" Eli yelled hitting my head. "You could've been ate!!" "Well it was better than having my best friend killed by that thing!!" I yell over the sound of the cavern collapsing on itself.

Eli went quiet. "I'm sorry" "It's fine Eli" I smile warmly.

|3:32 P.M. Location: Marco's house|

Making dinner for me and Eli, talking about the event that happened today, Grim eating part of Eli's shoe. And Atsuko sitting quietly with us.

|7:12| "Okay Marco, I'll see ya tomorrow" Eli smiled and walked out.

I lay up in bed, reading my book, I feel a strange presence. I feel it getting closer and closer, I feel scared. I jumped up to only find Atsuko, "Atski, you scared me" I signed as I picked her up.

She meowed softly as she rubbed her head against my chin, I smile, figuring she needs more milk. I carry Atsuko down to the kitchen and find my window had been broken. Glass shards lay in the sink and on the floor.

I set Atsuko down on the table, "Stay" I say firmly. I grab Scuff and turn it on, setting him down he sucks up the glass shards and turns them to dust. I clean out the sink.

I sigh.

|11:59 P.M. Location: Marco's roof|

I sit on the roof, reading my book. "A fallen deity, huh?" I whisper to myself. I feel intrigued. "The fallen deity's alter and burial is on Ompticron?" I frown my brow, I feel that strange presence again.

"Atsuko go back inside" I say almost to loudly. It's still there... "Atsu-" I say as I turn around. "-K-ko" my eyes widen, seeing that strange presence wasn't at all Atsuko. A black figure stood, seeming to be glitching like in a video game.

I grip my book, "What the fu-" Suddenly, the figure shrieks, shattering a window. I stand up and jump to the next house, "St-Stay away!" I yelled. Running to jump to another house.

The figure seems to not be letting up. I see the canals. "The jump is too far I'm not going to make it" I say to myself. Looking behind myself the figure is almost caught up. "FUUUUUCK IIIIT!!" I yell as I jump.

Nearly missing, I managed to catch onto the legde of the building. Scurrying to get onto the building I almost slip. I throw myself on the building, huffing and puffing. I continue to run.

Feeling the presence grow further and further away from me, I kept running.

|1:11 A.M. Location: Tuungar Gardens|

Tuungar... My favorite place in Ysera. Feeling at ease in the beautiful gardens I lay down on the hill that's covered in beautiful Plumerias. A breeze swipt by, sending chills up my spin. Putting my hands under my head I stare at the broken moons.

I feel somewhat lonely, though peaceful. I wonder what that deity felt at their last moments, hopefully at peace or relax at least.

My eyelids became heavy, feeling the chilly breeze and the gentle sway of the flowers made me think of home...

I look up at the broken moons one last time before falling asleep.

|7:07 A.M. POV: Tony Edgar. Location: Tony's house|

I asked mommy if we could go to the gardens this morning and she said yes! I put on my hat that my friend gave me and pulled mom out the door and raced to the gardens, hoping to be the first person to see the beautiful flowers.

"Come on Tony, let's see the Plumerias" "Yeah! Let's race mommy!" "Oh no sweetie, mommy's too old" I frown, mommy's only thirty-two... I run to the Plumyras by myself.

I stand at the edge of the walkway and see someone laying in the Plumyras. I carefully step so I don't hurt the flowers, I came closer to the person. It's my friend Marco! I have a big smile on my face now.

I sit down by Marco, he looks really happy. I lay down, "Owwwwieeee" I cover my eyes because the sun hurts them, don't look at the sun!

I roll to my side and look at Marco, mommy always said to be honest with your thoughts and feelings, so, I hugged Marco.

He doesn't feel like how my daddy feels when I hug him, daddy is squishy, Marco isn't. I hear mommy giggle, "That's your friend that saved you sweetie?" "Yeah mommy!" I sit up and smile.

|Marco's POV|

I slowly open my eyes, looking to my side I see someone familiar, I sit up, looking around and seeing that it's morning, "Marco!" The familiar voice squeaked. I turn around, "Hey little bud" I smile.

Tony hugged me, standing up and pulling Tony with me, I pick him up and carry him in my arms. I get back to the walk way, finding a blushing woman. "This is Marco!" "Y-yes honey" I smile at her, "Is this your mommy?" "Yeah! I told her a lot about you!" I set down Tony.

"Mr. Dagenhart I-I want to thank you for saving my son!" She stuttered, "Oh it was no problem at all, I couldn't leave anyone like that out in one of those storms"

Tony hugs my legs, "M-my n-name is Jamie Edgar, i-it's nice to meet you" "Marco" I smile warmly. Tony suddenly turned to Jamie, "Mommy! Marco isn't squishy like daddy!!"

I crack a smile, holding back laughter and watch the mother's face turn red, "P-Probably because your father does nothing!" Jamie halfly yelled. "M-mommy, I'm cold" "Honey, that's why I told you to bring a jacket"

Jamie slowly removed her Jamie and handed to the little Tony. Feeling my face turn cold, I ask, "How'd you get those bruises on your arms?"

Her eyes widen. "I-I-I, u-umm w-well..."Jamie looked at Tony with a scared face.

|Next Episode|

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