chapter six; raising

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Nick's POV

The paper cascaded from my hands and landed swiftly onto the floor. Ashton appeared at the bottom of the stairs, Jake not far behind. She picked the paper up quickly and smiled confidently. She handed the paper to her brother who rolled his eyes and sighed after reading. He ran up the stairs, clearly upset, but the girl stayed in place, not knowing what to do. I walked over to the couch and laid onto it. A couple of tears fell down my cheeks. I don't know if my emotions were justified to be sad or angry.

I got up and picked up my phone.

"Hello?" her voice filled my ears.

"Why?" I said, my voice cracking and more tears falling from my eyes.

"I'm sorry Nick. I- I truly am," she stuttered, showing sorrow. I hung up and threw my phone at the wall, causing Ashton to flinch. I looked at her with sorry eyes and she jogged up the stairs. I sighed, walking into the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of alcohol and pouring a small glass.

Carter's POV

I sighed and pulled into the adjacent gas station. I rested my forehead on the steering wheel and sobbed slightly to myself. I cant belief I let Nick find out. As I thought, I began to wonder how I could leave my kids for my job, My job has been taking over my life. I cant even remember the last time I went to one of Ashton's soccer games, or one of Jake's basketball tournaments. More tears fell, but I realized the solution. I dried my eyes and quit my sobbing. I picked up my phone, dialing my campaign manager's number.

"Carter! Where are you?!" She screamed into the phone.

"I can't make it this time. I have a family, remember?" I replied.

"Carter, if you miss this, than your whole campaign is ruined and you can kiss the presidency goodbye!" she exclaimed.

"Well, then consider it gone, because I quit," I said, hanging up the phone and heading in the direction back home.

Nick's POV

"Hey, don't feel so bad. I never see my mom anyways. She is always gone, and always leaves us with a different babysitter," Ashton said. I nodded, another tear rolling down my cheek. Jake walked downstairs and curling up next to me. I smiled. These were my children. How did I not see? I was taken from my thoughts by a knock at the door. I sighed, gently getting up from my couch. I kissed the top of Jake's head. I walked to the door, opening it to see Carter. My eyes watered.

"Ni-" She spoke, but I immediately pulled her into a kiss. She kissed back, deepening the kiss by wrapping her arms around my keck. After a few moments, we pulled away. She smiled and so did I. We walked inside of the house, her children surrounding her with hugs and love. I tugged at my lips, though I wish I could've raised them for the past six years.

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