graces room

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my room is sort of big, its useless now, but when the movers come around I'll make it look a lot better.
"GRACE GET YOUR BUTT DOWN STAIRS RIGHT NOW!" Ella called out to me "HOLD YOUR HORSES MISSY IM COMING!" I yelled back. I didn't know what the fuss was about but when I was on my way down stairs I was forced to come back up, it was my bed it was getting moved into my room. I came downstairs and got a lot of boxes of my things to put in my room. After an hour of bringing things upstairs my room had boxes all over the floor, then an hour later my room was half finished when I decided for a good break. Rose, Katie, Ella and I all skated to taco bell on our penny boards and went in, we were blocked by a whole heap of screaming girls. One by one we were screaming too first Ella then rose then Katie then when I saw o2l were inside taco bell I screamed too. "I feel sorry for anyone who went through the drive through" Katie said over all the screaming girls. When we got inside Ella ran straight to jc with me while rise and Katie ran to Trevor all of us went around to each of the o2l boys and got our penny boards signed by them. We ordered and got forced to leave. When we came back I finished putting my things and made my room look half normal. I'm loving this place!

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