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This is the first part of a diary that has been discovered by scientists in an odd glass box that only let us flip the pages.

14 of November, 2015

Hello. I am the god of the anonymous. I will explain to you my world. In our sky-palace, gods and goddesses are born in a different way. We descend from the universe. We were all tiny particles of magic at first and when we descend to earth we expand and become who we are now.

We are born, just like that. When I first entered the palace I got to the God of Justice and ruler of us gods. He was the first god to be born and is also the most powerful among us. His brother is Pakx, who is the god of peace is the second most powerful one in this place.

I am a medium god, I am not that powerful but I am needed for "Olympus" to be run safely. Anonymity is essential. Many of the gods need me to stay anonymous. We cannot be found out by humans... I also help humans to stay anonymous. I've helped with love affairs, stalking, bullying and much more. Well, I guess I AM a poweful god.

I have just gotten a new quest from Kusji, God of Justice, to help Elix, the God of Technology. Elix and Heka are brother and sisters, and at the same time enemies. Elix being the god of Electronics and Heka of Hacking. They are in constant fights that disrupt all Oympus.

My quest is to help Elix confess his love to a mortal girl who is a demigod. Sadly, the girl is atually the daughter of Heka and I had already promised to keep her identity Anonymous.

I hope I manage to complete my mission without letting Elix find out the girls identity and helping Elix confess his love.


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