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just a heads up that the book will be written in all lowercase. also excuse any spelling errors along the way.


everyone thinks im perfect.

perfect family.

perfect friends.

perfect house.

they think i live my life in a dollhouse. where im the perfect doll with the perfect life.

well there all wrong.

im nothing close to perfect.

my parents dont really care for anyone or anything other than themselves and work.

my brother jason, is a party animal, always out drinking and doing drugs, getting with girls then ditching them the next day.

my friends only use me (except for my bestfriend allison) cause im 'rich', which i am rich, only because my parents have good jobs. which i hate, because everyone uses me.

let me tell you a bit about me, my name is eleanor, sounds to elegant to me so people usually call me el. im a party animal, just like my brother, except i dont sleep around as often like he does. i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. i model abit but im not famous or anything.

theres a party soon that my brothers friend is having, i go to every party that jason gets invited to because were similar in age so we know the same people, i dont know.

im wearing a tight black dress, that hugs my bodys nicely and black designer heels that mum gave me from one of the jobs she did. I've straightened my hair and appiled minimal makeup. personally i think i look pretty good.

im currently playing on my phone, waiting for allison to come pick me and jas up so we can go.

i hear a car honk and know it's allison, i check myself once more in the mirror and head out the door.

once we arrive at the party, its packed with horny drunk teenagers, some dancing and making out, while others are just standing around in groups talking.

"oi el, you ready to get smashed and meet some cute boys," i hear allison call out from behind me.

"ready as ever," i tell her and we make our way inside.


a/n: sorry this was shit its my first book ever and chapter, should get better over time... but yeh hope you enjoy so far.

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