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Tomorrow my flight was to leave at 10 in the morning; I was debating wether this dream that i had of mine was going to be a good decision. I've wanted to move to LA for as long as I can remember, and i only just made the decision 2 months ago that i wanted to go ahead and make myself happy. I wanted to meet my favourite Vine stars Ethan And Grayson Dolan, it's been a dream of mine since I was 15. No one comes over to Australia, and if they do, they go to Sydney, not the Sunshine Coast where I live. 

I knew I had to move to LA when I started getting hated on at school for making 6 second pranks on Vine, no one seemed to see that for those 6 seconds of my life, I was living in the moment and I was happy because it was something that I loved doing. I knew the time was coming for me to move, I've  just hit 2 Million followers on Vine and I had managers from all over America contacting me to set up tours with the fellow Vine community. I have to move, this is what i want, this is what i need. I didn't care about not finishing the rest of year 12, I just wanted to be gone.

I knew I would miss my twin sister Ava and my mother Sally, but I wanted to get out of here. My whole life has been a series of "Oh my god your sister Ava is such a beautiful girl", "Ava is going places when she's older." I was sick of it, Ava got all of the attention all of her life, i was just the left over, the last thought. Ava only got famous this year because of me, I posted a Vine back in June of me pranking her, and thats how she became famous. But with all of that happening, my fan base has supported me through everything, my bulling story, me deciding to move, my twin sisters famous breakthrough, and to my fans I say thank you. Thank you for always being there for me when I wasn't acknowledged and thank you for supporting my stupid 6 second Vines.

"Alvie, have you got everything ready for tomorrow?" My mum came into my room, distracting me from my diary. 

"Yeah it's all in my suitcase, I'm ready to go." i smiled to her weakly. She looked upset, but i knew she was happy for me to pursue my career.

"Honey, i just want to tell you that i am extremely happy for you. I can't believe that my youngest daughter is going to be moving to LA in less than 24 hours!" she squealed. I started crying.

"Thanks mum." i smiled. 

"You will have to fly us over for your 18th birthday next year." she nudged my shoulder. She has no idea when she's going to see me next, but i do, i have flights booked for the two of them to come over when i settle into my apartment.

"Definitely." i smiled. She hugged me and left me in my room.

"Goodnight sweetie, i'll see you in 11 hours." She exclaimed before she closed the door behind her.

I placed the covers over my shaky body and picked up my phone. I opened up Twitter and wrote to Ethan and Grayson.

- GraysonDolan EthanDolan Can't wait to meet you guys! I'll be in LA very soon!!

I sent the tweet then went to bed, they probably won't even read it anyways.


I woke up this morning. "Today is the day." i smiled as i sat up in my bed. i grabbed my phone and turned it on, my phone was being bomb-barded with tweets every second. I hoped on twitter to see what all of the fuss was about and surely enough, Ethan and Grayson were tweeting about me.

Grayson's Tweet:

Yay!! AliveJones I can't wait to see you! xx

Ethan's Tweet:

Yes AlvieJones Finally girl! I'm excited to meet you, your Vines are hilarious! see you soon!xx

My tweet to both of them:

Haha EthanDolan GraysonDolan Thanks so much guys! I'll be there sooner than you think! :* 


I was now at the airport saying goodbye to my sister and mother, i was sad to leave them but i knew i was making the right decision.

"I'll see you soon Alvie ok?" exclaimed my mum, kissing my forehead. "I love you."

"I love you too mum" i smiled.

"See you Alvie, i'll FaceTime you every night, have fun, i love you!" Ava hugged me.

"I love you too Ava."

"Flight 112 is ready for boarding, Flight 112 reading for boarding." that was my flight. I hugged Ava and my mum one last time before i walked to get my ticket scanned and hop on the aeroplane. 

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