I will return

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Mistakes and worries
Were never meant to torment one's mind

Patience and courage
Were never meant to hide away,
Covered in dust.

I shook myself and realised that there is more to life than covered up secrets.
I ripped a hole in my heart where,
I once held dearly to regret and shame
I simply changed significantly

Holding my hand is the King of Kings,
He is my dear Daddy,
My eternal Father.

He has dried all my tears,
He never left me.
He has promised me great and wonderful things for my life.
He called me, I responded.

Dedicated I am to His cause.
Surrendered I am to His love.

I'm living for right now,
Simply obeying the call on my life,
Growing in mind and spirit.
Living in the promises that He gave me,

Soon I leave to achieve greater things,
But not to worry I will return,
To you my sweet

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