The Move

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Third Person POV:

It was 4 a.m. and Eren was finishing packing his suitcases and double-checking to make sure he had everything. While his dad was still in his room doing whatever it is he does. Eren realized he had to hurry in order to leave at 4:45 to catch their 5:50 a.m. flight.

Eren's POV:

Just to think I have to leave this house where I took my first steps, laughed and danced around the kitchen with my mom, and when my family was whole and happy, I mumbled to myself. I really am going to miss this house.

"Dad," I shouted from the end of the pale beige hallway. "If you don't hurry up we're going to be late. The whole reason we're moving to a different country is all for you" I said slightly agitated.

"Eren calm down. I really don't want to hear you start with me right now" he said with a stern harsh tone.

"Sorry" I whispered to the point where it was barely audible, but he heard me.

"It's fine" he said rushing down the stairs and out the door.

I walked down the stairs managing to carry my suit cases with me. I walk out the door and turned around to get one last good look at the place I've called home for 17 years. My eyes start to well up with tears as I say my last goodbye. I put my stuff in the trunk and get in the passenger seat. He starts the car and heads off to the airport. We get out, headed in and went through everything within 15-20 minutes. I grabed my bag from the baggage check and headed towards gate 23 to the plane for America. I wait for my dad, and once he was behind me we got on and found our seats, with me of course getting stuck with the window seat. This is going to be a long ride I said to myself

~9 long hours later~

The plane landed jerking Eren awake from his surprisingly peaceful sleep. Eren shook his dad's shoulder telling him to wake up because they made it. They are finally in America. Everyone rushed off the plane but Eren very slowly walked into the airport.

"Dad. Where do we go now?" Questioning him.

"Where do you want to go?"


"Eren now you know this is your new home." He said.

They both get in a taxi and gives the driver their address to their new home. The driver pulls into the driveway and they start to unload their belongings. Eren walks up the sidewalk leading to the door and suddenly stops. He scans the house from top to bottom and left and right. He mumbles maybe this won't be so bad after all and walks into the house.

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