The Interview

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*Louis P.O.V.*
I woke up to the sound of Harry pounding on the hotel room door.
"HURRY UP LOUIS WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!" Harry's deep voice demanded.
Shit I overslept, again.
I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
Wow you look terrible today.
I could hear the other boys muffled voices telling me to speed it up.
You can't go to that interview.
I globbed some gel into my hair and styled it the way Lou always did. I still looked like absolute garbage so I decided to quickly shave. I could now hear the boys singing but I couldn't make out the song.
God dammit where are my fucking razors?
I looked through all the drawers and in my suitcase.
I forgot to pack razors. Nice one dumbass.
I took one last look in the mirror and decided it would have to do. I would buy razors later. I ran down the stairs and met up with the other boys in the limo. I slid into my usual seat, right beside Harry.
As I stumbled over all the boys Harry jokingly put his hand on my leg and said,
"Wow Lou, you really know how to make an entrance."
Everyone laughed, but I was feeling the butterflies.
"Louis, you need to get to bed earlier." Liam directed.
"Ya, ya know you need energy for the concert tomorrow." mocked Niall.
I just shook off their comments and daydreamed about Harry.
"Louis lets go!" Liam urged.
Wow that was quick.
We were meeting with Ellen for our interview and I could already tell it was going to be interesting. Considering that Zayn just left the band Ellen would have a lot of questions to ask us. The problem is that none of us really know the true answer.
Zayn left. We don't know why.
He just did.
The producers arranged us in our seats, with one less person we could all fit on one couch now. Niall was on one end and Liam on the other while Harry and I were squished in the middle.
One of the camera men began the countdown and soon we were on the air.
"Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I have fiv- four very special guests here with me, you guessed it, ONE DIRECTION."
Applause and screaming exploded from the crowd as we were revealed.
It was so bright I could hardly even see any of the girls faces, but to be honest I didn't care, I could see Harry and thats all that mattered.
Ellen began with some simple questions to break the ice.
"So boys, what's your favorite food?"
"YOU CAN'T CHOOSE JUST ONE!" Niall screamed in defense.
Again the audience laughed.
Many other questions were asked but I didn't even hear them because i was too busy staring at Harry. Examining how his nose came to a perfect point. How his cheek bones perfectly shaped his face, how-
-"What do you think Louis?"
Oh shit, what was she talking about.
"Um yes I agree %100." I said with caution.
"You agree that Zayn leaving the band was the best decision for him?" Ellen asked surprised.
Bloody Hell, here I go again screwing shit up.
"Oh no sorry, I mean Zayn- he- um he felt that-"
-"can we have the next question please, its a little soon for this topic." Harry interrupted my stuttering.
Hazza for the save. Thanks.
"Okay I understand. So Harry, some of these girls have come to a conclusion that you and Harry are an item?"
Oh's and Ah's erupted from the crowd.
I froze in my seat. I think Harry felt me tense up, because he gave me an annoyed look.
"Louis and I are just good friends. I like girls we will never be an "item" that is wrong and you girls are sick. Louis also likes girls. This has to be a joke." He laughed and Ellen moved on.
I can't believe he just spoke for me. HE HAS NO IDEA HOW I FEEL!
I didn't know why I was so angry. I couldn't tell if Harry was joking but all the words he said hurt. It felt like a knife had tore through my chest and a lump was becoming larger in my throat. He spoke his feelings, and that was by far my biggest fear.

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