21. Call the police!

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*Dana's p.o.v*

As lost as Alice, as mad as the hatter

We sat in the waiting room, which felt like hours until they called us to see our friend. As we entered the room we saw Nia who was hooked up to an iv and seemed to be sleeping.

Niall sat next to Nia holding her hand and coaxing her to wake up. Finally she woke up and smiled seeing all of us. Niall and Liam talked to her and asked her questions about where she had been for such a long time. That was when something crazy popped up in the conversation.

"Who kidnapped you?" Liam asked
"C..Cole" Sam stuttered and started sobbing
"WHAT!?" I yelled just as surprised as everyone else
"Shhh" Liam said
"What!?" I whisper yelled

My anger started boiling while Nia had a sobbing fit, Thoughts swirled through my head. Why would Cole do this?....... After looking for her for weeks and Dia being stressed out.... Why would he do this?..., why, why, why

"I'm sorry. I have to go" I said in an angry blur and rushed out through the hospital room door and the hospital. I fast walked away from the hospital and pulled out my phone calling Cole.

Three rings and no answer, I called again and the same thing happened, the third time he actually picked up. "Hey I heard you found Nia, is she doing alright?" Cole answered
"I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!" I yelled into the phone
"Did what?" He said oblivious
"Stop playing with me Cole" I yelled into the phone
"I have no idea what you're talking about" Cole said with an edge to his voice
"That doesn't matter I'm calling the police" I said hanging up before he could reply.

I paced back and forth and dialed 911

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