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We soon pulled up too the hospital , it was a lot worser than cramps, I held my back while Kyrin helped me into the wheel chair .

" Aye my wife need assisting . " he said . I had my eyes closed unable to see what was happening.

" Sir sit in the waiting room and wait . " a feminine voice said.

" Bitch my wife in pain , get us a mothafuckin doctor before I blow the roof off this bitch " Kyrin said . I heard shuffling

" Right away sir " I was soon pushed into the room .

" Hello I'm Dr. Chandy, I will be assisting you today " I nodded .

" What seem to be the problem. "

" Well I'm getting pains in my stomach and back , and it's worser than contractions " I whined.

" Lay here " I did as told and he pulled out the machine thingy .

" rise your shirt " I did as told and he put that cold gel on my tummy causing me to flinch.

" Sorry it's alittle cold " he chuckled. He pulled did something and put it on my tummy moving it around.

" Mhmmmm...Aaaaah.. I see why " he said smiling wide.

" What is it? " I asked

" You're having twins ! "

/// short?

I knowwwwwww 😩🙌🏽

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