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Skylar //

I look thru baby magazines , it showed cribs, clothes, costumes , and models , and stuff. I was in love , I need to go baby shopping. I called up Ky.

" Babeeeeeee " I whined.

" yea shordy "

" can we go baby shopping? "

" yea , get dressed- shut the fuck up , and end em- I'm on my way baby "  I sighed and hung up . He's crazy. I got up and did my hygiene things. I curled my flat hair , I haven't gotten my ends clipped in a minute , I really need to hit up the shop I thought. I struggled putting on some skinny jeans , and one of Ky's polo button ups . It was big on my small body , but it fitted my tummy well . Next week we find out the gender , I wanted to wait sixth months instead of four , it seemed to early . I decided against my nude pumps , or sandals . I picked nude pumps cause I felt classy today. I put on some gold jewelry including Ky's newest Rolex . This shit fy. I took a picture posting it on Instagram . I was soon tagged in another pic.

It was the same pic reposted by Kyrin2R1ch , " My baby forever wearing my stuff 😍💦💖☺️💍😩 " I smiled and liked it .

" ☺️💕🙌🏽" I commented under . His fans soon started commenting and stuff . I waited for him to pull up .

Baby💖😩💍: outside baby

I grabbed my purse and walked out. Ky stale faced me when I got in the car.

" What? "

" You know damn well yo feet finna be hurting , I refuse to hear yo crybaby ass whining and shit . Grab them nude flats I bought you on the way here . " I peeked in the back seat , and there were some Burberry nude flats back there.

" Why you always tryna be expensive , Payless would have been fine . " I rolled my eyes out them on . He ignored my comment. I punched him in the chest .

" You know you heard me " he ignored me again.

" Fine then act like a little ' bitch ' then " I said on the side of his face as he focused on the road. I knew I was getting to him , I seen his jaw clench , and he gripped the steering wheel.

" Babe talk to me " I whined.

" What Skylar What!! " he said angrily. I flinched , soon tears started to fall . His face softened as we stopped in the parking lot.

" I'm sorry baby , I was thinking about things that made me mad , I didn't meant to take it out on you " he said grabbing my hand .

" Fuck you . " I unlocked the door but it was locked before I could get out.

" You not going anywhere "

" Let me out " I said calmly. I unlocked it again , and it was on child lock .

" Why you put it on child lock?! "

" Cause your acting like a fucking child.  "

" That's your little mad ass ! Let me out Kyrin or I swear I'm killing you . " I said closing my eyes. The doors unlocked , and I opened it and walked into the mall as fast as I could , I can't stand him . I need to get away from him. I went into the newborn section , getting little girl stuff.  I really hope I have a little girl . But I will love it equally if I get a boy . Girl name Zoey Aubree , Boy name Karter Letricee and Ky last name of course .  I looked thru the pretty little tutus , and shirts. Arms were wrapped around my waist.  I removed them knowing it was Ky's moving to the next section .

" Baby " he called after me .

" Baeeeee " he whined. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed on my neck .

" Baby " he whispered kissing on all my spots .

" Stop Kyy " I managed to get out .

" Baby talk to me " he continued .

" I-I'm gonna slap the fuck outta you " I said pushing him off me laughing.

" There's that smile I've been looking for awhilee " he sung . I cracked up cause this nigga sounded like ice jj fish . I pecked his lips .

" Oooooh this is so pretty " I picked up a shirt that said Mommy's lil bratFACE . It had rinestones all over .

" We don't even know the gender yet , we need to focus on the crib , and diapers, and wipes and allat . " Ky said pulling my arm to the other baby stuff. He grabbed 3 big boxes of new born Diapers , that came with 6 bags of wipes in each , like 100 bottles, 50 white onesies, and socks, and gloves, and 2 first aid kits , like 3 diaper bags for boy and girl . I was starring off bored as ever!

" Alright next week we coming for clothes , and stuff " he said as he paid . The total came to be 3,467$ . He does way to much .

" Sir , Your stuff will be shipped til 2 to 3 business days . " we both nodded and walked to the car .

" I can't wait till my baby come " he said rubbing my tummy . The baby kicked, and then it started hurting .

" Ouch " I whined .

" What's wrong?  "

" Maybe just a kick " then the pain happened again.

" Owwww " I complained again .

" We are going to the doctor " he said speeding thru the green light .

Ain't they cute guys? 💖

Omg who gotta bae? & they have petty arguments like Ky & Sky . 😏


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