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Kyrin //

I pulled up to the trap bumping FuckBoy By PapaDuck. I walked in after scanning my Rolex. I got my nigga Hector to do whatever he do, and we got some special kind of  diamonds that scan into the scanner. Cold right? This shit costed a mil. It's only for niggas who in the gang. I entered and something seemed off . I shrugged it off and made my way upstairs. I walked in my room and sat at the desk. Supposedly I'm suppose to be having a meeting with someone today .

" Boss "

" speak "

" throat cut is here " who tha hell?  I got my glocks ready, and made sure my razor was safely covered under my tongue .

" send em up b " I said . Soon entered the man I thought I would never see again. Pure rage flashed my eyes. Fuck is he doing here?

Skylar //

" Omg Kayden why are you trying to leave me already! " I whined.

" Come on sis, it's boys night out and plus we got soccer. " he said like he had it planned out. He growing up so fast. I fluffed his curly hair.

" okay fine, after this next weekend is mines " he nodded running to Mrs.Galoria car. She opened her van door, all the boys roared in excitement. I smiled and waved to them along with Galoria as they pulled off. Now what to do?

I scrolled in my contacts as I went inside , I seen Camilla name I clicked it  calling her.

" Hey Bae " she said answering.

" Heyyyy wyd? "

" My brother or my nephew must not be there " she said .

" Bitch You guessed it ... You was right " I said laughing .

" That old ass song, I'm on my way shawty, with drinks too, water for you! "

" fuck you " I said hanging up . I went and did  my hygiene things, and put on some sweats and a tank top that showed my now rounded belly. I was lowkey excited. But I looked so fat. I looked in the mirror at my self, I've realized my boobs have gotten bigger, and my hips, my feet has been swollen too. I pouted alittle I just want my old body back, not saying I don't want this baby it's just that I feel... Fat .

My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I rushed to go get it. I opened the door and in came Chelsa, & Camille with bottles of FIJI WATER. God fucking kill me. I received a text .

Baby💍😩💖: I know them hoes over there , better not drink no Alcohol or nothing that will affect my baby or I'm killing you and them hoes. 💯

I laughed out loud. Sending ' Whatever ' back.

Baby💍😩💖 : stop fucking playing Skylar I'll be there in about a hour. I love you😘💍

Aww hell nah this nigga bipolar asf I thought. Chelsa and Camilla was watching Love and Hip hop.

" I wanna beat that bitch my DAMN SELF " Chelsa yelled high fiving Cam. I grabbed asome tortilla chips and some salsa and pickles with cheese chip dip. I went and joined them.  I dipped my pickle into the cheese dip, and grabbed a tortilla chip and ate it . I looked at Chelsa and Milla , and they were staring at me .

" Whatttt? " I sighed.

" Mhmmmm? " she hummed looking at Milla.

" UHMMMM " Milla replied .

" What the fuck y'all bitches gotta secret code language and didn't tell me? " I whined.

" mhm " the said in unison . I stuck my middle finger up eating some more of my snack. I downed the Fiji water in almost a second.

" Breathe Bae " Milla said. I stale faced her and continued watching the show. I heard keys jingling , I got up and ran to the door . Kyrin smiled big.

" Missed me baby? " I nodded and hugged him and kissed him for what seemed like forever. He only been gone for a couple hours and I missed him dearly.

" Aight boo, we gone see ya tomorrow, " Milla said kissing my cheek giving me a hug.

" Call me " Chelsa said hugging me also. I nodded and locked the door behind them. I went to our bedroom and seen Kyrin in some shorts with his shirt off showing off his abs. He was into his phone. So I snuck up behind him and started massaging his shoulders.

" Babe you're so tense " I whispered .

" Let's just say I had a rough day . " he said.

" Care to tell me? " I said kissing his jawline softly .

" I seen my father today " he said. Ky only told me about him only like once or twice , he told me he left and never came back , and he didn't like him cause he used to beat his mother once he started drinking that's about it .

" oh " was all I could say.

" Yea, he came up to MY place of business with pure bs , fuck him and that sorry ass apology. " he said furrowing his eyebrows raising his voice.

" baby calm down, it's gonna be alright, he's not worth it right now. " I said laying down. He laid down getting under the covers with me , and pulling me on top of him where I was straddling his lap .

" You know I love you Skylar . " I nodded tracing his wings on his chest that had his older brother name on it, he never wants to talk about things but I'm always willing to open up to him. After one year , I can't even count how many times I've been shut down when i ask what happen in the past. I've been letting it slide , but not for long. I soon fell asleep on his bare chest, hearing his heart beat thru my dreams.

Back attttt itttttttttttttttt . Finna start throwing these chapter backkkk to backkk . Cause they got drake going backkk to backkk . 🙌🏽😂😋

Jaiiiiiiii💖✊🏼BUT THEY KNEW. 🐱

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