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Unknown POV.

I X'd that bitch face out the picture, and stared at her, she just came out of nowhere and ruining everything. She has Kyrin not focused on the game, we've been loosing income cause of her, and our empire has been shattering slowly. Now it's time to get rid of her. Or maybe I keep her for myself , growing up Kyrin got everything, the money, the bitches, and the attention, & now he has Skylar. She fine as fuck, caramel skin, high cheek bones, dimples, light brown eyes, and long hair, Coke body and everything. If my plan doesn't go well with her , her and that nigga life getting ended. Plain. & Simple

Skylar -

I danced along to slow motion, as I cooked breakfast.

" In slow motionn, " I mumbled. Kyrin entered .

" Yeaa aight bye... Love foo " he said hanging up the phone. His arms wrapped my waist.

" Mhmmmm this smells good " he said trying to get a piece of bacon. I popped his hand.

" Move pig " I said shooing him away, his grip got tighter.

" I heard you up in here singing, want it slow motion huh? " I shook my head laughing , I moved from Infront of him and by the island grabbing some sugar from the cabinet above, all of sudden before I could get the sugar, I was bent over the island , my shirt was risen .

" Kyrin what- Omg " I felt his magical fingers rubbing my pearl. Lately I've been so horny, since this baby, my hormones been going crazy!! I needed him right now. I felt his tool rubbing against me, as he pumped in and out with his two fingers. I knew I was bout to give up, my legs started shaking uncontrollably, Ky lifted me up on to the island, and slid his tool into me slowly.

" Still want it in slow motion? " he grunted as his pace was slow, giving me all of his 10 inches. I shook my head no.

" What? I couldn't hear you"

" NO PAPI! " I yelled . He smirked and his pace went faster .

I heard sizzling . A little fire started on the stove. I gasped getting up and pulling my undies up and pulling my shirt down. I grabbed a top and covered it up til it went down. It was a mess , I looked over at Ky cleaning the island off . I cleaned up the burnt bacon, and eggs. Kayden came in on his iPad.

" Woah what happened in here? " he said pausing his game. " And why were you saying No PAPI? " he said mocking my voice. I immediately looking at Ky, he muffled in his laugh.

" I'm gonna kill you " I mouthed. " I was practicing some Spanish for school "

" But- "

" Look SPONGEBOB OUTSIDE " Ky yelled.

" WHERE! " Kayden ran out. I sighed in relief punching Kyrin in the arm.

" What was that for? " he groaned. I shot up the deuces going up stairs.

sips tea, it's gonna get good y'all. sorry bout the waittttt, I've been dealing with school, and other stuffffff. ✊🏼


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