Man Of Glass

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Her lips longed for his cold but musical kiss
and she missed how his frame welcomed the tender touch of her finger tips
She remembered how she used to run her fingers down his slim structure
While he sang so sweetly in response, his voice a soothing rapture
Now his once delicate voice is nothing but a wailing nuisance
And tissue kisses her eyes whenever she is in his presence
He went from being musical to sleeping so quietly on a cold wooden bed
he is forced to be mute with a scar running from his foot to his head
He no longer takes her breath away, and his rings welcomes her fingers no more
she is scared to touch him , in his state he'll wilt away for sure
his was unique, unlike his brothers made of metal
he was so rare, so much so it cause his downfall
he was so special, his voice of a different class
and he kept no secrets, her man made of glass

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