Chapter 8

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Tyler's p.o.v

"Hey dad? Maybe you never knew I was gay, bc you left me for some 24 year old, who has pregnant with someone else's kid. And you left me with a hoe for mom." I scream at them while getting up.

"Don't talk to your father like that." My no good mother says. "Ok. I'll talk to you then. You would sleep with every guy you met. You didn't tell dad that one, did you?" I say to my so called mother. "Don't disrespect your mother." My deadbeat dad says while slapping me to the floor.

"Hey, back the fuck up, you motherfucking prick." Josh says towards my dad. Josh helps me up. "Who the fuck are you?" The deadbeat says to Josh. "I'm the only person who loves Tyler. I'm his boyfriend." Josh says. Wow. It felt nice hearing him say that.

It felt good to know, he cared. Somebody cared for once. "You picked this prick? Are you fucking kidding me?" My dad says towards me. "He's not the prick, you are." I say firmly to my dad. I have had it up to here with your mouth boy." My dad screams at me. My dad punched me down.

Before he could start kicking me I hear, "get the fuck off of him." Josh says while punching my dad. Josh punched him into a wall, and then again to the floor. Josh picked me up, and walked me outside. We left. He stopped on some random street. He grabbed my face to see where my dad had hit me.

"How hard did that prick hit you?" Josh says, looking pissed when he sees my red cheek. "I'm immume to it. I've been beaten my whole life by my mom. Josh I'm sorry you had to ge-" I get cut off by Josh kissing me. It felt amazing. I jump over onto Josh. I never want to stop kissing him.

"You know I'll never stop getting into fights because of you." Josh says smiling. "Yeah. Ok. Just shut up and kiss me." I say while pulling him closer. We kiss for about 2 minutes. "You know what we should do?" I say in a high pitched voice. I had decided to reward Josh for everything he has done.

"What?" Josh asks. "We should go home right away. I got plans for you tonight." I say while bouncing on him through every word. I finish the last part with a wink."Let's go." Josh says so happy. He pushes me off, and starts driving. He looks so happy. He really deserves it. I'm happy I can give him something good for once.

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