this is a coda

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I've been here before...

4:30 am


His alarm sounded and he still lay limp on his bed, staring directly at a poster above his bed. The words spell "Today will be a better day"...

He got out of bed then turned his alarm off. He could still feel the bells ringing throughout his ears as he walked across a plain grey dark room with one bookshelf and a dimly lit lamp beside his bed, which he didn't even try to tidy up. He wore his same beanie his mom had gotten him. He had on a plain white shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

The place that he had bothered to walk to was the bathroom. He walked past a tank with shrimp into his bathroom. He went to take a piss by sitting down, because standing up and supporting himself wasn't benefiting him at all. Once he had finished his business in the bathroom, he decided to go into his kitchen to eat. He walked through a gloomy grey hallway to a kitchen with boarded up windows and doors. He opened his refrigerator to find one more slice of pizza left. Just enough.

Once he had cleaned the microwave of dirty stains, he heated the pizza slice for a minute. He decided to walk over to his desk and he found a note he wrote.


Hi. So i guess I'm supposed to write a note? anyhow, I just want my lasting words to my mother as she's the one left that really cares. If I had time to tell her anything, I'd tell her it's not her fault. What with sister and dad gone, im the one left, and now im leaving too.

im so sorry.

He finished reading it over and made one last change before going to get the pizza. He erased the ROUGH in the title and FINAL took it's place.

After he ate his slice of pizza, he flipped a switch behind the fridge and he heard a click. he came back into his room and found the bookcase open. He walked into the opening and turned a corner.

there he saw a chair with a rope dangling above it. he pursued the chair and stepped on it, getting higher in the air. the rope he held in his hand had a noose that he put around his neck. he then hesitated before he...

.......(gasp)... . .. ... .(gasp)... . ... .. .

im so sor--

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