Character pairing

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*Ahem*! *Ahem!* *Aheeeeem!*

This is @june_en speaking here!!! As you guys Know Midori is Dawns sister. So , Now I want to find a hero for Midori.

Now here's the question!!

Will Midoris Lover be??!! --

1 . Kurapika


2. Gon

The one who who gets most no of votes will be Midoris lover!!!!!!

So guys vote for the guy you like!!!!!

Aaaaaaaand vote in the comment box!!!!

Over and ouuuuuuut!


Midori-* Squeals in delight* i can't wait for my prince charming!!! *jumps around eyes turned into hearts and is flying around*

Auther:- * watches her sweat dropping* ...............Please guys vote for the guy you like the most...Before Midori destroys my poor ears with all her squealing *says eyes twitching*

Dawn- *watches TV not bothered by Midoris squeals* ...GOAL! !! *Yells watching TV*

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