The Fight

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Connor's P.O.V.

A/N warning: events are definitely not correct, but remember, these are made up oneshots. MADE UP. It doesn't have to be chronologically correct if I don't want it to ;) also, I love Tyler to death, but someone's gotta be the bad guy, and unfortunately that is Tyler in most Tronnor fanfics :/ I couldn't think of anyone else that seemed like the type who'd sabotage Tro and Con's relationship. So SORRY TO TYLER LOVERS LIKE ME.

Troye and I pulled into the driveway of Hannah's house for the Christmas party she, Mamrie, Ingrid, and Grace were throwing. We could hear the bass of the loud music from outside. I grinned at how excited he looked and took his hand after we got out of the car. I had just come out to my fans a week ago, but Tro and I wanted to keep our relationship a secret for while. I lead Troye to the front door and opened it. A huge crowd of YouTubers and some other people we didn't know were dancing, drinking, and partying. I had no idea that the girls were capable of throwing a party this huge. All of the Brits, who were visiting for the holidays, waved to Tro and I. We waved back, and Zoe smirked at our intertwined hands. Tyler and Korey were standing by the mini bar that Mamrie (of course) was manning. Korey smiled widely at us, while Tyler looked at our hands and rolled his eyes dramatically. He hadn't been very supportive of our relationship; he had a huge crush on my boyfriend.

I frowned slightly and pulled Troye to the couch, where we sat and talked to the O2L boys for a good hour. It's always nice to catch up with them, especially since we no longer live together and we're all super busy. After a while, the boys decided to go get drinks, so Troye and I got up to go dance with Zoe and Alfie. We danced the night away to the blaring music and flashing lights.

My legs started to get really tired after a few hours of dancing and drinking, so I pulled Troye to the side a little bit and half-yelled over the music, "Hey babe I'm just gonna go get some water and take some Advil. I'll be back in a few." Troye nodded and pecked my lips before disappearing into the sea of people. I smiled as I walked up the stairs to the abandoned second floor of Hannah's house (A/N ik she probably doesn't have a second floor but it fits with the plot so deal with it) to the bathroom in her bedroom. I stopped to look at all of the pictures of her and other YouTubers, including me in some of them. I loved the YouTube community.

I finally made my way to the bathroom, splashed some water over my face, and opened her medicine cabinet to get some Advil for my aching feet. As I swallowed the pills I noticed that it had gotten significantly quieter downstairs, so I curiously made my way back down to find Troye. I saw that everyone was staring at something in the living room. A few people turned to watch me with an unreadable emotion in their eyes; it looked something like fear mixed with sympathy. I pushed through the crowd until I found what they were staring at.


There, in the middle of the room, were Troye and Tyler. Kissing. A million thoughts flooded my brain at the same time and I couldn't think. Zoe spotted me and grabbed my arm, as if she was trying to get me to stay put. Troye suddenly pulled away from Tyler angrily and gave him a small shove. Then Troye saw all of the stares. And his eyes met mine. I couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"No Connor please-" Troye started.

But I just shook my head and ran. I heard two pairs of footsteps behind me; one was probably Zoe and the other was Troye. He kept calling my name, but I didn't care. I shoved through people as I tried to find the door with my blurred vision. Right as I stepped out into the cool night air, he grabbed my arm. "Connor please j-just listen to me!" I turned around furiously and wiped my eyes. "No Troye! Leave me alone. I don't have to do anything you want me to; you've done enough. I hope that kiss was worth our relationship." By now Troye was crying, "Connor I love you! Tyler k-kissed me; I t-tried to pull away!" I glared at him with tears in my eyes. "But you didn't pull away immediately. You let him kiss you before you thought about us and pulled away. If something like that happened to me, I would have pulled away instantly, Troye. Because I thought you loved me. I have spent full days just thinking about you and missing you, and wondering when I would see you again. But if you could throw all of that away with one kiss, then we obviously aren't meant to be."

Troye grabbed both my hands tightly. "Please Connor. Please don't do this. I am so in love with you. That kiss meant nothing to me. You're right; I should've pulled away immediately, but I didn't. I was shocked and scared. I couldn't think right in that moment. But we can't change the past. And now I'm telling you that I completely regret what I did and that it meant nothing! Please please listen to me, Connor!  Why can't you forgive me? I can't live without you! You're my world."

I just shook my head, "Don't you dare make me feel guilty in this situation, Troye. You caused this. And you can't fix it. I-I can't look at you the same when I know that you might kiss somebody else when I'm not around. Everyone was right. Long distance relationships can never work...Troye, I-I..."

Troye closed his eyes and swallowed thickly, the steady flow of tears increasing by the second, "Connor, please think about what you're about to say. P-please don't do this..." I felt my throat involuntarily close up. Saying this to fragile little Troye didn't feel right. But surely this is the right thing to do?

"Troye I...I think that we shouldn't be together anymore." And with that, Troye covered his mouth with his hand and slowly fell to the ground. He could hardly breathe, the sobs racked his body. I couldn't look at him, so I ran to my car, breaking down a little more with each step. It's for the best, it's for the best, I kept thinking to myself. I sped off and cried the whole way home.

Troye sat on the porch for a half an hour when Zoe finally found him. He was shivering from the cold and the shock of what had just happened. She didn't say anything; just wrapped him up in her arms and rocked him back and forth as he sobbed. She cried a little bit too; seeing both of her best friends, who were so perfect for each other, get hurt like this broke her heart.

All Troye could think was, I've lost him. I've lost the one person who mattered the most. I've lost the love of my life.

And that was how the night ended. With both boys wishing that it didn't happen.

A/N please don't hate me XD but no worries, there will be a part two!!! ;) love you all and please leave feedback and votes <3


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