Mac's POV

"--Happy Birthday dear Lori, happy birthday to you!" Liam and I sing, as Lori grins.

I give her a hug and she squeezes back.

"Mama I thee now?" Lori asks.

"Yes sweetie, my baby girl is three years old today."

"My party today?"


"We go now?" She asks, clapping.

"No, it's not until later, Princess. How about we get you breakfast? There are doughnuts on the counter." Liam says.

"Oooh really?"

"Yes really. Come here."

Lori crawls to the edge of the bed and allows Liam to pick her up and take her into the kitchen. As promised, a pink box of doughnuts sit on the counter, along with a cup of apple juice.

"Which one would you like?" Liam asks, opening the box so that Lori can see them.

"That one." Lori says, pointing at the purple glazed one with pink sprinkles. I grab an apple fritter, and Liam grabs a buttermilk bar.

"It yummy!" Lori grins, little bits of the glaze at the corners of her lips.

"Good! Would you like some juice?" Liam asks Lori, raising an eyebrow at me.

"No, I want milk." Lori says.

Damn it.

I glare at Liam as he laughs.

"And you said she was too young for the more subtle forms of reverse psychology." he says as I get up to pour Lori some milk.

So before we woke Lori up, I was complaining about how Lori almost always refuses to drink her milk. But her pediatrician told me that Lor was vitamin D deficient, and that we should try to get her to drink more milk.

So Liam told me to take out the apple juice. It's true that Lori likes to choose the option that isn't offered, but I highly doubted she'd choose milk over juice.

I'm glad she chose milk herself, but it bugs me that Liam seemingly is starting to understand my daughter better than I do.

When we finish breakfast, I allow Lori to go watch some TV while I go over plans for her party.

"Babe." Liam says.

"Hmmm?" I mumble.

"What's wrong?"




"What's wrong."

"I told you, nothing."



"What's on your mind?"

He's not gonna leave it alone, is he?

"I'm jealous." I admit.

"Of who? Or what?" Liam frowns.

"The fact that I used to know my daughter better than anyone else, and now more and more you seem to understand her better."

"Honey—" Liam sighs, before I cut him off.

"Don't 'honey' me. I don't need nor want your sympathy."

He sighs again, giving me a fond smile.

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