chapter seven

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The next day, in miss goodwitches class arena I was selected to fight Carden a heavily built student welding a mace when entering the arena I drop my sword "are you sure do don't want that?" Professor goodwitches asks "no I can take him without it" I answer "OK round begin" the professor says uneasily cardin charges me which was a terrible start for him, as he brings his mace down I catch it with my left arm use it to pull his arm straight across to the right side of my body to expose his elbow then smash my right ulnar bone into his elbow, there's a loud CRACK!!! As his arm snaps and he gives an agonizing scream.

There's a large intake of breath as crowd watches me break his arm though his aura, goodwitch ends the match "was that really necessary!" She asks angrily as she levitates cardin away getting him to the sick bay "sorry, I made a miscalculation professor!" I answer honestly 'how could someone that weak be at beacon academy' I think to myself " I thought his aura could take the impact" I explain hurriedly "well you thought wrong, and as a result of your "miscalculation" as you put it cardin is in the sick bay" she says then sighs "from now on you will only be able to battle people who have 3 confirmed wins in class" she continues.

Weeks later at lunch "so there we where win the middle of the night" Nora starts "it was day" Ren corrects her "we were surrounded by ursai" Nora continues undeterred "they where beowolfs" Ren corrected again "dozens of them!" Nora says breaking "two of them" Ren corrects "but they where no match and in the end Ren and I took them down in and made a boatload of leaen selling Ursa skin rugs" she finishes "she's been having this recurring ream for nearly a month now" Ren says "have you tried taking her to a pycyatrist?" I suggest "yeah she wouldn't listen to him" Ren answered, "ooohhh that explains it" I say "explains what?" Nora asks "oww that hurts" comes a voice from across the room

we look up to see cardin pulling on velvets ears with his right arm given that his left was in a cast "please stop" velvet says " I told you it was real" cardin says "what a freak" Russell says "hey cardin how's the arm!" I yell across the room he looks over slightly unnerved "what do you want" he says angrily "back off or make your right match ya left" I threaten he let's go Cleary annoyed at me ruining has fun but not angry enough to pick a fight, given what happened last time. Velvet (a rabbit fanus) walks away covering her face "thanks" she mutters as she walks past "no problem" I whisper "since when did you care about other students" pyrrha asks "what? Nah I just like scaring people" I say dodging her question "it must be hard to be a faunus" yang says "yeah must be" I say trailing off.

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