Joshua part 2

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*time skip to afterschool*

You shuffled through the papers and books in your locker.

"Where did I put it?" You looked around frantically. You realized you lost your good luck charm bracelet.

"I had it with me during lunch though...." you snapped your fingers, "the library!" You slammed your locker shut and ran to the library. You tried opening the door but it wouldn't open. It was locked. "God damn it!!!" You screamed and slid down the door with your back and pulled your knees to your chest. You placed your head on your arms and sighed.

"What am I going to do..." you grabbed your hair and clenched your fists. You looked at your watch and saw that you were running late to meet Joshua.

"Aw crap" you ran in front of the school and saw Joshua sitting down frowning.

"S-sorry, I was doing something," you approached him panting, catching your breath.

"Haha its okay," he stood up and dusted his pants off, "wanna start now?" He smiled making you feel better.

"Sure" the two of you started walking to the dance rooms at your school.

"Again, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8!" You pointed out the sharp movements and looked at Joshua following you.

"We can take a break" you panted catching your breath. You grabbed you towel and wiped your sweat.

"Okay," Joshua did the same and threw you a water bottle, "so when did start having a passion for dance?"

"Well it started when I was in middle school...learned different dances and decided to take dance in high school and here I am" you smiled and drank your water. "What about you?"

"Same but not taking ballet and such here at school" he laughed.

"True true" you nodded and giggled. All of a sudden you started thinking about the bracelet you lost. You sighed.

"What's wrong?" Joshua looked at you confused.

"Huh? Nothing...just lost something pretty precious to me...important..."

"Ahh..I see I see. I'm pretty sure you'll find it" he smiled.

"Thanks" you sighed again, "well let's get back to dancing" you turned on the music.

"1 2 3 4 and turn 5 6 7 8" you and Joshua shouted together.

After that one practice afterschool, the two of you started talking even more. Not just as dance buddies but as friends. The two of you would talk nonstop day and night. Even during school you would message each other and talk every moment. It turned out you guys went to the same church but just never saw each other because you attended different services. Almost every weekend you would practice dancing with him and hang out afterwards either doing homework or just having fun. This has been going on for months now and grew to like him way more than a friend. You loved him.

The next showcase the dance department planned out was today and you were getting ready for the stage. When you were done you got a message from Joshua.

Hey good luck on the show today!

Thanks man...first night, so nervous haha

Don't worry you got this, I'm so sorry I'm not able to make it...but I'm sure you'll do great!

It's all good there's always next time! I gotta go, curtains opening soon! Ttyl

You locked your phone and ran on stage. Your first stage went on and you danced to the song passionately. You and your friend choreographed it yourselves. It was a mashup and it turned out pretty well.

The whole show went by pretty fast and it ended in about 2 hours. Everyone left and you were still behind cleaning up. You yawned and turned off all the lights in the dressing rooms and locked the doors. You were about to leave the building until somebody made an announcement on the speakers.

"Uh- uh...does this work?" The person on it cleared his throat, "____ please walk over to the theatre and sit down exactly in the middle, we marked it for you so sit down...NOW"

Lost and confused you went to the theatre and sat down in the middle. In the chair next to you there was a card and a rose.

_____! I hope you enjoy this performance!

"JS?" You questioned yourself and looked on the stage. You saw 12 boys dressed similar to each other. "What is going on.."

The song "Adore U" started playing and you covered your mouth. The only person who knows this was your absolute favorite song was, "Joshua? He did this?"

You looked up and saw the boys dancing. You couldn't find Joshua which made you frown. But you looked at the dance and you clapped when they were done. The boys bowed and then the lights went off. You heard the shuffling of feet and heard paper in the background. Concluding that it was over you were about to leave until the lights went back on and you saw Joshua holding a bouquet of flowers and the boys behind him holding a huge poster. Joshua read it aloud.

"너를 노래해 yoohoo 너를 노래해 yoohoo~ ____-yah! 아낀다! Go out with me?"

You slowly walked out of your seat and went in stage to Joshua.

"What is this?" You asked.

"I'm asking you out? I mean like...I do like we hung and talked I grew to really like love you." He rubbed his neck.

"Ahaha" you hugged him, "I guess I don't have to live a life of a one sided love"

"What? You mean you feel the same way?" He pulled away.

"Yeah of course" you laughed.

"Oh I have one more thing" Joshua put his hand in his pocket and pulled out your bracelet.

"Oh my god! You found it?!" You took it and clenched onto it.

"Yeah, the first day I met you. I kept on "forgetting" to give it to you" he laughed nervously.

"Thank you so much, I'm glad you gave it to me" you hugged him

"So will you go out with me?"

"Yes" you giggled and he gently kissed your lips.

"Thank you ____, I love you."

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