Part 2

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When she had awoken, she found herself in a field of grass, in a place she had never seen before. The greenery was overwhelming and even more so the lack of pain about her body. At once she felt a burst of nausea come over her and released her bile upon the vibrant carpet.

"Well that's one way to make a first impression." Laughed a startling nearby voice. She immediately jolted upward from her fetal position.

"Who-who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here?" Fae managed to stutter out.

"I am Dacre, you are on my property, and I managed to save you from those humans sending you off into one of those padded homes. If you listen carefully enough you can hear a trickling stream, my namesake, and in which I healed you. That is if you were wondering where those gory marks on you had disappeared to." Fae looked at him in shock. How could this man have the sort of power to heal her accumulated wounds? But then she listened and somewhere nearby, she found truth in his words for she could hear the faint rushing of water as it passed over rocks and land.

She dragged her hands across her back. " Why did you do this? You had no reason to nor any relation to me, so why?"

"Because you're one of us. A gifted human, a faery. Similar to what your "mother" called you. You are a changeling, but not a freak. If anything she is the freak for not recognizing your superiority and turning others against you. How dare she do anything against you. Her child she birthed is perfectly safe, in fact she should be nearby. Slight being, but yet can be frightening. Very human I promise you. Besides I don't think the Markissina would be very pleased if I allowed her daughter to become inaccessible to her. " Running his hand through his dark hair, he continued, " And so I should probably now bring you to her since you're decent and unmarked for the most part, after all I couldn't make the worst of your scars disappear."

"Wait, wait, wait. Go back. Markissina's daughter? Faery? What are you speaking of? That's impossible, faeries don't ex-" Dacre had cut her off, covering her mouth with his hand.

"Don't say that, for if They hear you, terrible things will occur. Anywho off we go, whether you believe me or not."

And so they went, up and down a hill and across a river, further into the vast forest.

< I am sorry about such the short bits, and I do believe I should explain how this story will be posted. As I continue writing this for class, since it is supposed to be a short story, many things will be left out that I wish to put in. That leaves you guys with two options of either having the general idea of the story with some parts put in within the first few parts and then after that I will call the parts chapters and repost them with all of the important parts, (such as new characters and events/developments). This is option one and what I will probably go with without any input from you guys by next week. Option two is that I don't post much more and what I do will be very preliminary and basic until I go back and edit the document a few times. Your choice, perhaps.>

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