chapter 84

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Downtown, there really was a mammoth stomping through town and causing tremors all throughout Acmetropolis.

"This is so cool." Patch said.

"Ever be in a flying jet before?" Lexi asked the rich girl she was with.

"No," Jenny said with a smile, but then frowned. "I just hope I don't get kidnapped... But, that was how I really connected with Vincent and his family."

"Yeah, that's of when we met actually that was before we met that was actually when I saved her with some help from my siblings and animal friends." Vincent remembered that day very well.

"That was really scary, you were so brave..." Jenny said to Vincent, admiring that about him.

"Well, you were in danger, I wasn't going to let Sykes get away with kidnapping you." Vincent said while holding her hand.

Jenny gently squeezed his hand and wiped her eye with her other hand. Lexi was hoping that someday Ace would do the same with her. The mammoth trumpeted as it continued its stroll through town.

"Now that's somethin' you don't see everyday." Ace remarked.

"Mind if I handle Woolly down there?" Patch asked Ace.

"Send him right back to the Retro Petting Zoo!" Ace told the Dalmatian.

Patch nodded. He was let go through one of the jet transmission fusion tubes. After the tube let him out and went back in one of the jets, Patch started to chase the woolly mammoth like it was a cat.

"Come on, Woolly, back to the petting zoo where you belong!" Patch barked.

The woolly mammoth stopped where it was and then turned around to glare at Patch for thinking he was stronger then it. A pterodactyl flew overhead and was going for the Loonatics' jets.

"What is this?" Vincent groaned slightly. "Jurassic Park?"

"Quick, turn!" Jenny called out.

The Loonatics turned their jets to avoid the flying extinct creature. Lexi then sent her jet after the pterodactyl and pushed a button. The button released a white blast of ice over the pterodactyl to make it drop in the middle of the ground.

Lexi then grabbed the pterodactyl. "Got ya!"

"Great, now to get it back to the zoo." Jenny said.

"How do you think Patch is doing with the woolly mammoth?" Vincent asked.

"I just hope the big guy hasn't mistaken Patch for a peanut." Ace commented.

Lexi took the pterodactyl back to its habitat at the Acmetropolis Retro Petting Zoo.

Patch narrowed his eyes at the mammoth. The mammoth trumpeted again and charged after him. Patch stood his ground, ready to take on the mammoth and also ready to use his strength against it. The mammoth narrowed its eyes at the Dalmatian, ready to squash him.

"Go ahead, big guy, try to squish me, I dare you!" Patch glared at the mammoth.

The mammoth came closer and closer like a speeding train. Patch narrowed his eyes, ready to take him on. The mammoth was now inches away and was coming faster and faster, looking bigger and bigger. And where this didn't scare Patch one little bit, he was going to take this mammoth back to the petting zoo, one way or another even if he had to carry it the entire way there.

The mammoth glared to Patch. Patch glared back and jumped high in the air and charged down against the mastodon. The mammoth glared back to Patch and was going to stomp on him, not caring if it killed him.

"You've picked the wrong dog to mess with, you furry elephant!" Patch sneered.

This caused for the mammoth to trumpet loudly and then charged even faster and now stomped it's right front foot on top of the Dalmatian. The mammoth seemed to smirk evilly, thinking he succeeded in crushing Patch.

"No, not the doggy!" Duck cried out, seeming to be worried for Patch.

But then the mammoth's evil smirk seemed to disappear as it began to feel like it was being lifted up and off the ground and where it was being lifted up by...... Patch. The mammoth glared down, but looked surprsied.

"Whew!" Patch called out relief. "That could've been messy!" He then attempted to tire out the mammoth, but not hurt it too much as it had to go back to the petting zoo.

Meanwhile, Lexi, Jenny, Vincent, and Felicity brought the pterodactyl back to its exhibit. While they were there, there was a man with black and white hair who carried a flower that seemed to die as he sniffed it.

"I 'ave not seen the super'ero bunny girl in action..." the man spoke with a French accent, looking charming towards Lexi. "Especially a good one, like you."

"He seems very interesting." Jenny said.

"I guess..." Lexi shrugged. "We're a little busy here, pal." she then told the French man.

"You can never be too busy for me, mon cheri..." the man flirted with Lexi and even puckered his lips.

"Quelle horreur!" Felicity groaned.

"I am not revolting, young lady!" the French man scolded her.

"Ew..." Lexi had to agree with Felicity.

"Arrievous." the French man then walked off mysteriously.

"I hope that man never comes back." Jenny said.

"Tell me about it..." Lexi shook her head in total disgust. She then saw a cage door open and reported to her leader. "Ace, we got a saber-toothed cat on the loose too!"

"This is turnin' into a real retro round-up!" Ace remarked. "Go ahead on back!"

"Wow, a saber-toothed tiger?" Vincent asked. "What does this zoo not have?"

"Maybe a chupacabra." Lexi attempted to joke before taking them back by Ace's orders.

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