Chapter 2

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"Well, that was closed! how come he also skipped the class?! Is he following me? nahhh~ probably NO WAY!" I said in loudly.

I went upstairs, as I walked alone, I still remembered the way he talked to me "urmmm....excuse me?"

I'm starting to feel blushed.

"Argh oh! I was taking a nap, he interrupted me.... did he notice me that I was sleeping? I think.... NO! because I'm wearing a black mask! THANK GOD!"

"Damn it! Now it's ENG period! she probably get mad at IU or me! she knows us very well because whenever we go somewhere, we always stick together." *a.k.a like a glue*

"What the hell man?? why both of them are not in the class? are they both DATING?!?! I swear if its true I'm going to kill Sungjae!"

Eunkwang and IU was sitting in the class while listening to the teacher what she was explaining, suddenly Ms. Ahn called her name "IU stand up!"

"Yes, Ms. Ahn?" IU's body start shaking.

"Do you know where is Joy? You're her best friend tell me!" Her heart started beating fast, "errrr, Ms. Ahn.....sheeeee....."

Suddenly the door opened and it was Joy.

She gave us a heart attack!

pheww –IU sighed in deeply.

Thank god she came at perfect timing, if she came a bit early I could've not stand up from my seat. Said IU inside her heart.

IU began to sit without a permission "IU!!! who told you to sit down?! STAND UP!!" She got startled from the teacher.

"Sorry Ms. Ahn I thought you allowed me to sit because Joy is here...."

"NO! I won't allowed you to sit till my period is over!!!"

Facepalm, glaring at her, feeling angry all mixed up!

Ms, Ahn asked "Joy! where were you?"

"I was down....." I replied.

"DOWN?! so what were you doing over there?" She raised her voice.

Slowly I'm feeling scared of her.

"I......." I couldn't speak.


As Sungjae was walking at the stairs, he saw a girl who was sitting, and she blocked his way. "umm... excuse me?"

She didn't respond. She turned around but Sungjae couldn't see her face properly because she was wearing her mask with black colour, then she ran away.

But her eyes..... It looks familiar...... But did I ever see her before? –Said Sungjae.

"Ah just forget it." He began to walk.

"I shouldn't have skipped the class" while looking down at the stairs. "hmmm, I'm feeling hungry right now~"

He went down to the canteen when he reached. The canteen was closed.

"Damn it! It's closed?! say what?! what time is it right now?"

He looked at his watch, "it's only at 11:20 am, just 10 mins left then it is our break time."

"I'm feeling bored right now....if there is someone with me, then probably I'm not feeling bored."

"I think I should get going to the class...."




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