My Ice Prince: Chapter 5

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Natsu's face was priceless. He looked like if he was going to explode. Literally.

(Y/N) was a blushing madness after the kiss. Natsu then took (Y/N) away from Gray and punched Gray, sending him flying. "DON'T DO THAT!!! NEVER DO THAT!!!!" Natsu yelled, fire coming out of his breath.

Natsu then signed and turn to Lisanna. "Now tell us everything."


Gray was getting up from where he landed. "YOU STAY RIGHT THERE, BASTARD!!!" Natsu yelled, making Gray just sit as his spot which was a nearby tree.

"Carry on." Natsu said.


"YAY!!!!! LISANNA AND (Y/N) ARE BACK!!!!!!" Everyone cheered.

"(Y/N)!!!! CARE TO DANCE?!?!" Some fairy tail members tried to get to her, but (Y/N) was protected by Natsu. "DONT YOU FUCKING DARE GET CLOSE TO HER!!!!" Natsu said.

"Oi! Dragneel! My cat versus your cat!!" Gajeel walked up to Natsu. They ended up getting into a argument and ended up fighting each other. (Y/N) then laughed and went to sit down on a table where she ate (favorite food).

Lucy then walked up to (Y/N). "Hey! I know we didn't get a proper introduction. So my name is Lucy Heartfillia!"

"Hey Lucy! My name is (Y/N)"

"I really want to know you so could you tell me about yourself?"


Lisanna smiled to herself, happy that everything is back to normal. She has returned to her real siblings. What could get any better, Lisanna thought.


Soon after the party was over, everyone had fell asleep in that guild.

Lucy wakes up and sees Fairy Tail Members sleeping. "I wonder how much everyone Partied?" Lucy wondered as she was waking up. Lucy then Looks at Lisanna,Elfman & Mirajane.

"Isn't it nice,Mira-san? Elfman?" Lucy asked, while they were sleeping.

Natsu Snores loudly making Lucy turn around. "I Hope Natsu can Meeting Igneel Soon." Lucy said as she looked at Natsu. Lucy then moves closer to Natsu

"I wonder if Natsu Feels Lonely Sometimes,Too?" Lucy then asked to herself, Natsu making noises as he sleeps. "But He's Pretty Cute when he's Sleeping." Lucy smiled.

"Ka! Ka!" Natsu says while he is sleeping, making Lucy smile and looks at Natsu closer.

"Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu yelled in his sleep. Natsu then punches Lucy, sending her flying out the guild. Lucy screams as she flies.

Natsu then laughs in his sleep and says, "There (Y/N) I saved you from Gray. Your done yet, Gray?"

Lucy ends up in a river near her house. "Is That how it is?" Lucy asked, touching where she was hit.


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