Chapter 22: Sneaking Out

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Dean, please." I beg. "Please, please, please!"
"No! I'm not arguing with you about this." He shouts.
"I'm going crazy in here, Dean. I need some books or movies or something! I'm so freaking bored."
"Well, deal with it." Dean says before storming out of the bedroom. I grab a pillow and scream into it, trying to let off some of the frustration that just keeps building up inside of me. I've been in the bunker, underground with Sam, Becky and Dean for almost two weeks. I misplaced most of my books and had to borrow all of Becky's, but now I've finished them, and there's nothing to do. I've been trying to convince Dean to let me make a run to the bookstore or even any store, just to get out and get some sanity back. But oh no. Dean says that almost all the hunters who they know are dead, and that this thing killing them seems to be trying to find Sam and Dean. They would have already given themselves up, but keeping Becky and I safe mattered more to them than anything else. So here we sit. In the stupid bunker.
Groaning, I flop back down onto the bed. This seems unreal. How could I have married Dean only two weeks ago? It's seems like months. At least us two are married. Sam asked Becky to marry him shortly after mine and Dean's wedding, and she of course accepted. The ring shines on her finger as a constant reminder.
Becky comes into my room and says "you know, we could sneak out tonight. Get what we need. Prove them wrong." She smiles impishly at me.
"We could just take a gun, to be safe. Dean gave me my own fake credit card." I say thoughtfully.
"Let's do it! After they go to sleep." She whispers excitedly. My hopes disappear. I always sleep wrapped in Deans arms. If I move to get up, he always wakes up.
"We'll have to put those sleeping pills in their food." I whisper. "Dean will wake up otherwise." Becky nods.
"Let me do the cooking tonight. You'll distract them." I nod too and suddenly Sam comes into the room.
"Plotting against us?" For a second, I'm filled with fear, worried that he heard us, but Becky stands up and plants a kiss on his lips.
"Don't you know it?" Sam chuckles and scoops her up. She squeals and he kisses her cheek.
"Come on. Let's go cook something. I'm starving." He says.
"Baby, how bout you let me do the cooking? Then we can have something other than frozen waffles." Becky says.
"Rude." Sam said, setting her down. "But alright. Ali, are you helping cook?"
"I'm too much of a hazard in the kitchen. I'm a terrible cook." I Say. Dean suddenly hugs me from behind and says "That's a lie. Everything you've ever made for me is delicious." I turn and kiss him.
"Talking to me again?" Ibsay teasingly.
"I was never not talking to you." He replies.
"Whatever. Beck, how about you make dinner, and I'll make pie for dessert?" I suggest. Deans face lights up and he picks me up by my waist and spins me around. I scream and laugh as he kisses me on the lips.
"I married the best woman in the whole world." I playfully shove him in the chest.
"Very flattering. Now go watch tv or something." The boys depart for the den where the only tv is. Becky and I exchange a look and head for the kitchen. In less than two hours, Becky has made fried chicken and several side dishes, and I've made three pies. The apple pie and cherry pie are laced with sleeping pills. I feel horribly guilty about doing this, but I Know I'll go crazy staying here.
Dean and Sam chow down on the food, and both eat half a pie. Luckily, they both claim to feel so full and tired that they head to bed. I tell Dean I'll be to bed in a minute after I do the dishes. Becky flashes me an excited grin as they both stumble into their bedrooms. For a brief second, I want to forget this whole stupid plan and just climb into bed with Dean. As quickly as the feeling came, it's gone. This will show Dean that I can handle myself.
After cleaning up the dishes and grabbing a small backpack loaded with my wallet, some salt, a small vial of holy water and my .45, Becky and I head for the escape hatch. She picks the lock and crawls through. Throwing one last glance at mine and Dean's bedroom, I follow her. After climbing for what seems like forever, I finally see the starry night sky. I collapse onto the ground and breathe in the sweet scent of the grass and fresh air. That bunker was making me claustrophobic. Becky shuts the hatch behind her and locks it. She holds up Sam's key with a grin.
"I stole it from him when he picked me up earlier." I grin back and suddenly feel nervous.
"Let's go." I say. It's a short jog to the road where Becky and I walk for several miles before coming across a small barn with the anti-possession symbol on it. Becky runs up to it and unlocks the door. Inside is the Impala, Becky's corvette, and a sleek red trans am Ive never seen before. Becky climbs into the front seat of her car and gestures for me to get in. Minutes later, we're speeding towards town. The nearest town is a small one, called Steamboat Springs. I've never been there before, but hey, it's a town.
Pulling into the Wal-mart, I notice how dark it is outside. The clock on Becky's radio reads 11:15.
"Let's hurry." I say. Becky nods and we both get out of the car. I walk in front of Becky and head inside. Suddenly I hear Becky scream "Alison! Look out!" I turn to face her and suddenly I feel something hard collide with the side of my head. After a sharp burst of pain, I suddenly feel sleepy. I sway and fall as I give into the darkness. I hear Becky scream as I hit the concrete.

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