Chapter 7

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Jess' POV

"Hey, Jack?" I said taking a bite of my taco.

"Yeah?" He asked taking a bite of his.

"Who were you on the phone with?"

"Oh, that was Madison." Oh...

"Okay." I said, taking my last bite and waiting for him to finish his.

(Time lapse)

We're back at the hotel and I immediately went back to my room.
"Where have you been?" Taylor asks out of the blue (and into the pink lol only pervs will understand). "I went to get a taco with Jack." I shrug. He nods before stepping into the shower. Oh my, whats that on his back? Are those.... Eggshells? I laugh and he sticks up the middle finger, I laugh even harder. Damn, I missed the food fight. Me and Jack used to have those all. The. Time!

I checked my watch and it was nearly 9 so I knocked on the bathroom door. "Taylor? Whats taking so long?". "Oh, nothing. I just found something." Shit shit shit. I think he found my bra or something.

"Okay then, I need to take a bath. Im sleepy!" I said over the noise of running water.

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