Magazine Mayhem

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Ashley's POV

I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and an apple for the way home. I slept all morning and woke up a little after noon.
"I put your bags in the car." Matt said.
"Okay," I took a bite of my apple, "I guess I'm leaving." We walked out to the car and paparazzi were watching from a distance. I was starting to get used to it.
"Call me when you get to the apartment," he said.
"I will," I smiled.
"I love you." He kissed my slowly.
"I love you too." I got in the car and drove away from the condo. I got home an hour later and called Mom.
Mom- what's up
Me- where are you?
Mom- at the precinct.
Me- okay, I'm coming down
Mom- okay, be careful.
Me- I know.
I got back in the car and drove to the precinct. I walked in and was greeted by everyone.
"Congrats on your engagement!" Amanda exclaimed.
"Let me see the ring!" She ran over to me. I stuck my hand out and showed off my 32 carat diamond engagement ring.
"It's so gorgeous!" She said.
"Thank you," I smiled, "is Mom in her office?"
"Where else would she be?" Amanda laughed.
"You're right," I agreed walking to her office.
"Hey Mom," I said opening the door.
"Hey baby! Congratulations! I watched it on tv, I was impressed."
"So was I!" I hugged her tightly.
"What was that about?" She asked releasing me.
"No reason," I smirked. I wanted to tell her about the baby so bad.
"Nothing, is Taylor at your apartment?"
"Yeah, so is Brian."
"Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow night."
I walked out and saw Nick. It's been forever since I've actually talked to him.
"Nick," I walked up to him and hugged him tight. He was always like my second father.
"Congratulations," he said.
"Are you absolutely sure that he's the one?" Nick asked. I laughed.
"Of course I'm sure."
"Okay, as long as you're happy."
"Can you keep a secret until Sunday?" I asked.
"I can keep anything a secret." He bragged.
"Do not tell anyone," I whispered, "I'm pregnant."
"Are you serious?" He asked.
"Yeah, I'm 12 weeks!"
"Ashley, that's amazing. I'm so proud of you!" He hugged me again.
"Thanks! I didn't tell Mom yet, so don't tell anyone. Especially Amanda," I whispered.
"You got it," he winked. I left the precinct and went to Mom's apartment.
"Hey Brian, how was Taylor?" I asked.
"Good, she missed you," he said. Taylor tried to jump on me, but I didn't want her to jump on my belly. I turned away and she put her paws on my back.
"Taylor calm down," I said.
"She usually jumps all over you, why won't you let her do it now?" Brian asked suspiciously.
"I don't want her to jump on me." I said.
"What's the real reason?" He asked.
"I don't feel good, and if she jumps on me then you might have a mess to clean up." I lied.
"Oh, ew." He said.
"Yeah, anyway I'll be back tomorrow night with Matt." I said.
"Okay, I'll see you later."
I walked Taylor to the apartment and unlocked the door.
"We're home!" I said to her. She ran in and found her tennis ball. She ran around the livingroom and jumped everywhere.
"Taylor, there's going to be a new person in a couple months." I whispered to her. My phone went off. It was a message from Matt. I forgot to call him. I texted him and told him that I made it home. Then, I got a ton of emails. They were magazine covers of Matt and me. The picture was of us. I had my hand placed on my stomach, while Matt was holding my side. The magazines were exploding with pregnancy topics.
My heart sank. What if Mom and Dad see this before tomorrow? I texted Matt and asked him if he saw the covers. He did and told me not to worry about it.
"Taylor, let's go to bed." I climbed in bed and she jumped up and layed in front of me.


I woke up the next morning with over 10 text messages. Mom and Dad asked me if I was pregnant. Dad said that he was coming up at 2. I ignored the messages and took Taylor outside. I avoided everyone as much as I could. People were staring at me, strangers were staring at me. They were whispering about me too. Matt would be home in like 20 minutes.
I went back in the apartment and drank more water. The doctor said that I need to drink a lot of milk and water, and eat 3 solid meals a day.
"I'm home!" Matt announced. Taylor greeted him first. I stood at the counter.
"I can't believe they did that," he said referring to the magazines.
"Mom and Dad are pissed." I said.
"We didn't tell them sooner." I whispered.
"We planned on telling them, it isn't our fault." He said.
"I know, I don't know why they're so upset." I looked at my phone.
"Mom wants us to go down to her apartment."
"Let's go."

Matt's POV

I opened the door for Ashley.
"Hey Mom," she said. Olivia was on the couch beside Brian and Kathy.
"Hey honey," Elliot said from the kitchen.
"Sit down, let's talk." Olivia said eagerly. Obeying, Ashley and I sat down across from Olivia on a white couch that felt like a cloud. Elliot sat down beside Kathy. It was silent for a few seconds.
"So, are the magazines true?" She asked.
"Yes, I'm pregnant." She said nervously.
"How long?"
"Almost 12 weeks." She confirmed.
"12 weeks and you didn't tell anyone?!" She asked, raising her voice.
"Mom, we just went to the doctor's on Thursday. We were going to tell you today!" She said defending herself.
"At least she was going to tell us," Elliot said jumping in.
"Yeah Mom. We were going to tell you, I swear. We were. The magazines just beat us to it." She said.
"Well, I think you having a baby is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of." She said flatly.
"Oh..." She whispered. "Then we'll leave," she stood up and ran out the door. Elliot got up and tried to run after her.
"Ashley, wait!" He yelled. Elliot and I ran to the elevator to get to my apartment.

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