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"Don't puke in here, okay?"

"I'm not gonna puke, dumbass."

"Ouch, my queen called me dumbass?"

"Whatever, you're still my king."

As they went higher, you can see the happiness painted in their faces. River looked at Prim and thought that she looked even more beautiful with a smile.


"Hm?" Prim's face was still glued to the view below them.

"Remember when I told you I wanted to say something?"

"Yeah, what about that?"

"I just- I- you-"

"There you are again with your stuttering. Relax, okay?"


"Now, what do you want to say?"

"I like this girl."

Prim had her full attention toward him.

"She's... pretty amazing. I mean, she's pretty and amazing. Though she's always stressed, it doesn't erase the fact that she's still beautiful.

"That's sweet. So who is she?"

"Actually, she also loves her brother so much."

"Wait, she has a brother too?" Prim smiled as if she knew something.

His head bowed down as he said, "And the thing is she doesn't know how much I like her."

"Then tell her." She said softly looking at him as if waiting for him to say something to her.

"I am now."

Prim stayed silent. Her eyes glistening as she looked at River. Her smile was wide as ever. But something deep inside was holding her back.  

"I wanted to tell you a long time ago. I like you, Prim. More than you could ever imagine."

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Author's Note


first of all, I would like to say that this story will only be until veintisinco (25) soooo the ending is almost near


I've got another story installed for you guys. It's still a secret for now but you'll know it soon.

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