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Hello there Wattpad user, welcome to the first Author Note of this book.

You'll be able to tell when there is and Author note when you see the on a title page for a chapter.

Why am I here today? Well as you can see since I am writing this book I must have and need ideas. That is why I am asking that you begin to request.

You don't have to but it will be greatly appreciated and you receive a shoutout when I write the request you gave. You can request here. But if you are to shy to ask through comments and you don't want the shoutout, just message me.

Depending on requests I can upload them everyday or week. For the preferences I'm trying to upload everyday or every other day. Once again it depends on the requests.

Keep in mind I am still a busy student so sometimes I won't be able to upload as often. But I will upload some other people's amazing work onto here. If you as the original author of one of your works being used please contact me and it will be taken down ASAP.

If you have any of your own art, oneshots, or preferences you would like to send in to be used for a chapter make sure to notify me.

Thank you for being interested in the 'Until Dawn One Shots and preferences' book I hope you enjoy my and other peoples work.

- CaughtOnJupiter

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