I run off to Adam at the docks, seeing he was working on the engine. "Hey there Glass." I hated when he uses my last name. Not I'm disappoint of my family tree yet it's sounds formal and it strains his tone and appearance. It's like he wants me to hate him more. I rolled my eyes and faked smiled.

"Hey... Adam. Listen, Dana left her keys in your boat so can I get them."

"Huh... oh yeah. There in the counter. You know, she is a kind lady." I sheepishly smile then when I walk into the boat and inside, I puffed out. He has been acting like he will be my father than step-uncle. He will never be any of them. I won't let him get Dana for him. Not forever. I see a pair of keys and take them. The boat just rocked from a big wave and I stumble back into the boat. Pushing off the pain, he lends a hand. I scrawl at him and let myself help and onto the dock.

"You good."

"Oh fine."

"....So... you good?" For now.

"Yes. Told you that like a second ago." I arrogantly said to him.

"I'm mean about your... issues. You know." I gasp. My heart skips in emotion.

"What do you know about me?!"

"Look, your auntie trust me and I wanted to know more of you. Not just the newspapers about the incident, even what you are..." I suddenly did what would be wrong for my auntie to look at me and never forgive me but for me, it felt good.

I sucker punch him square in the jaw. I shake off the pain and it ain't going away. Sort of my first punch. It's not I never fought before but this one, I couldn't handle it. I glance down with the most vile face ever.

"Never come back to my family and NEVER speak that again." I walk smoothly with a honoured grin.


As the bell rings, kids heading into their classes. As I opens my locker, someone pushes it. A boy named Ethan, smiles at me.

I remember we met at a bad situation but it turned good. Bullies were taken wedges and slapping him for the clothes his mother gave to him. He was cute when he was wearing. I come to a teacher and told them about the bullies yet they didn't believe. I grabbed sticks and made scratching noises. After that, a wolf howl and growl. They ran off, walking funny as they have crap their pants. I see Ethan just cry, saying he hated the sweater. I smiled and responded, you look very cute.

As we became friends, I learned he ain't a small and innocent child, he was cocky, smart, funny and a good hunter. He did change a bit since he went on being a hunter like me. Taller, I think stronger and the hair is not curly brown; it's straight up brown hair. He is only two years older than me; he's thirteen but will be turning fourteen in August.

"Jake! Stop scaring me like that." I push him. Jake was KK, short for Kayla, friends. I met KK in pre-school; actually at a day-care when we were two years old. Kids around us wanted to play with us, mostly me when I remember it but there was KK in the corner, sheepish of the crowded little kids wanting attention. I, as a matter of fact, was shy as well. Still hate attention so that's where we are. She was creative, funny, talented, and smart when it comes to hunting. She hunts only little animals. Actually doesn't hunt much. I don't care about that, only care for what she likes. Same age as me, same dirty blonde hair except is very long to her waist, and has glasses which makes her more pretty looking.

With Jake, he's always the smart-ass. Tries to make himself more cool and classy. More like a dummy. He have been hyper throughout the years I been with him. He's cool but I think he needs to lay off the sugar. Thick glasses, curly long red hair, freckles around the bridge of his nose, and he is very skinny but is extremely small than Ethan.

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