Introduction: Time to Pack Up and Head to Crown City

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Star's POV

Hi, my name is Star Clay and I'm living in Houston, Texas. I'm living in a normal life right now with some of my friends. My mom and my dad got divorce about a year ago, so I'm living with my mom. Our house is big and bought it for at least under $350,000 (estimating).

I'm about the same age as my cousin. My cousin's name is Russell Clay and my uncle is Denny Clay. Uncle Denny owns a junkyard at Crown City, just outside of the city, not to far from the city. I'm going to be there on Monday as my mom is talking to Auntie MaryRose on her phone about that. I need to pack a lot of clothes, just in case that if my clothes gets damage or anything.

Two more things, somehow I have this strange symbol on my hand. I don't know what it is, but my mom said that I just have it when I was born. The symbol is faded, so it's kinda hard to think of something. Plus, I have this necklace that has the same exact symbol that my mom gave it to me from the attic. She just found it and give it me to wear it. I think it means for some protection or whatever that I'm guessing.

So, today is Saturday night and I'm still packing some of my favorite clothes. Then I zip up my suitcase. My mom needs to pack up tons of clothes cause she might going to stay at her work for a few months. I walk into my mom's room and I need to ask her about her work. "Mom, why are you letting me staying at Uncle Denny's junkyard?," I ask.

"Me and Auntie MaryRose are going somewhere out of U.S. for an very important work to go. I can't take you with me to England," she explain to me,"even your auntie can't bring your cousin along. I'm sorry about that, but your cousin is also staying with Uncle Denny."

My aunt's name is MaryRose Clay. Pretty much that I'm wearing my pj around. I look at the time and it is already 11:24 pm and we need to go to bed. We have to be at the airport early so that we can get the noontime plane. I brush my teeth and head off to sleep. My mom finish some touches before she goes to bed.

The next morning

We already check in and the luggages as we sat down waiting for the time to board up the plane. (A/N: The picture above is Star, expect that her eyes are blue) I have an iPod to listen to some music. As I'm listening to music, the voice came back. "Star, are you heading off to Crown City today?," the voice ask. "Yes, I'm going to Crown City. Why did you ask?," I whisper, trying not to get attention.

"Because I want to remind you that one of my man is heading to your planet today. You may not know him, but I want you to trust him, ok? He is a good soldier of mine," he said. "Ok," I said. About an hour later, the flight attendant finally announced that we are boarding into the plane. We gave them our boarding tickets and enter in the hallway to the plane.

Finally, I sat down onto the chair and look out at the window. "Star?," my mom ask. "Yes mom?," I said. "Make sure that you'll behave well with Uncle Denny when we get there. So listen what he said, ok?," she said. "I got it mom," I sigh. This is my first time riding a plane to another place. I'm kinda excited, but also nervous at the same time.

We have to wait for few minutes for people to get in here, sit down on their personal seating spot, buckle their own seatbelt, and putting their stuff on the safety lock. After that, the luggage car has to transfer the luggage inside the plane as the plane need to refill the gas. The tank for the plane has to fill up until it is full enough to take us to Crown City for one flight.

The entrance for the plane has already closed and the hallway is removed, out of the way for sure. The car then push the plane back until it is facing the highway. Then they quickly unattached the hook, drove away to safety, and the pilots drives towards the take off area. The plane then took off and we are heading off to Crown City.

About 2 hrs later

We are still flying in the air as we are eating lunch. The attendants announced that we will be in Crown City within 1 hr and 30 mins to get there. I sigh under my breath as I finished eating and then fell asleep within minutes. When time passes by, I felt the plane going down, that means that we here.

*Finally* I stretch my arms. I look out the window and see the city just up ahead. I smile because I never been to Crown City before, this is my first time coming here. "Have you made it to the city, young one?," the voice returned. "Yes, I have made it, it just that the plane needs to land first," I continue to whisper.

I'm been talking to the same voice for at least 5 days straight. My mom was wondering like 'who are you talking to?' or 'are you talking randomly to an invisible person.' I just lie to my mom that I'm talking to myself. The plane landed onto Crown City International Airport. We got out of the plane, grab our luggage, and head to the arrival station.

I saw Russell and Auntie MaryRose when I got there. "Hey Russell, hi Auntie MaryRose!!," I call. They turn around and gave a warm smile. I hug my auntie and hug my cousin. "Why hello Star, you have grown quite a lot," MaryRose smiles. I smile back and I look at my cousin. "Hey Star, haven't seen you for quite some time," Russell said.

"Same here Russell, even though we live quite far from each other," I nodded. "Ok you two, I'm going to take both of you to Denny's junkyard," Rose said,"and I'm going with Maria to England tonight at 7:00 pm." "Ok mom," Russell sigh,"but I don't want to live with dad though." "Sorry sweetie, I can't bring you with me. This job is important for me and Auntie Maria to go to. Right now, it's delay for at least 2 hrs. Now come along, we need to go there and me and my friend need to take a short break from the plane trip that we took."

We got onto Auntie MaryRose car, sits up to 5 people, and start driving over there. Before we head there, we decide to buy some snacks and eat it alone the way. I look at the tall buildings, people walking around leaving and coming, cars honk one an another, etc.. I'm eating a small can of Pringles: Original and Russell is eating a small bag of Doritos: Cool Ranch. Then, we cross through the bridge and look at the huge river that we're crossing.

After that, we take the right turn and head straight down to the junkyard. I know that my cousin hates his dad, but Uncle Denny collects like tons of crap in his yard. For me, I'm ok with Uncle Denny.

A/N: I know that this is a short chapter right now. Please don't hate me. This chapter, I just made it out of my head. It's almost describable when Russell visit his dad in the first episode or something. Oh well, cya.

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