//Skylar's POV

Ricky led us all back into the house to the living room.

I curled up into the side of the couch with my head tucked between my knees.

Ricky slowley eased into the couch and slid his arm around my shoulders and have me a quick hug.

"Okay guys,I know that this is crazy but they will be okay." Ricky calmly spoke.

I could feel everyone's eyes on me,why?

Well,I'm the youngest.

I'm the youngest girl living in a house with 5 other guys,they think I'm gonna be a little cry baby about it.

Which of course I'm gonna be worried by best friend almost...died.

They don't think I'm as strong as I really am.

I'm only 18, and it seems like I can't do anything for myself. It's like I'm still living at home with my mom like I'm 8 again. 

I understand that the guys are here to y'know "protect" me but I feel it's going a little over board.

Jc is either overprotective or just scared that I would cheat on him and he knows that I wouldn't do that to him. He like, never lets me leave the house anymore. He made me stop making videos which is really fucking stupid. He even decides to tell me what I can wear,eat,and do.

It's like he's completely taken over me. And I don't know what to do about it.
I don't want to go to like a psychiatrist or something because that's costs money,he'll know and I'll be leaving the house.

I'm scared to tell anyone about it though.

The only person I can really trust is Ricky.

It seems like he's been the only one I've been able to trust for a while. Ricky's the type of person that will sit there and listen to you. He won't judge you or completely diss you from what you believe and what you do. Maybe he's the only true friend I have left.

//Ricky's POV

I led everyone back in the house cuz well it seemed like the right thing to do...?

Skylar was the first one through the door,she ran in and curled up onto the couch.

I honestly couldn't relate to how she was feeling. Her and Ally have been best friends from the beginning. Me and Kian have only been friends for 5 years. I'm not going to keep what Kian did from me caring about him.

I know that what he did was wrong but he's my friend.

//Jc's POV

I know I should feel really bad but for some reason I don't.

I mean yeah Kian's my friend and all but there is this part of me that just doesn't care.

And tbh I feel like a complete asshole because of it.

We were all sitting there in the living room in udder silence.

Then my phone went off everyone looked over at me even Wishbone and Hazel looked up from their spot on the couch.

I pulled out my phone from my sweatpants pocket and read-

Hey Jc,sorry to bother you so late but Grace wants to make plans.
Is tomorrow okay?

Um...tomorrow would be fine I think we all have a lot to talk about.

Okay. Um,how bout Chipotle at 12?

Yeah sounds good see you then.

Aight see you then, bye.

//Skylar's POV

"Who was it?"
I asked him


"What did he say?"

"Why do you need to know?" He said sternly then got up and stormed back to our room.

I just sat there shocked.

Yeah I understand that your best friend had to be taken to the hospital but that doesn't give you a reason to be a douche you everyone else.

"Do you want me to talk to him,Sky?" Ricky asked.

"Ah...no it's fine I'll just um ask him about it tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

"With him?"

"No,in the spare room."

"Do you wanna stay in my room tonight?"

"Really Ricky? You want me to stay in your room with him acting like that?"

"Woah calm down it as just an idea."

"Sorry. Goodnight guys."

I walked down the hall to our room opened the door to see Jc sleeping.

I walked in pit on one of his shirts and slid under the covers next to him.

//Trevor's POV (Finally)

I don't know what's been going on with Jc and I don't think anyone does.

Ever since the accident Jc has started to be more controlling towards everybody.

Now instead of voting on like a group thing to do it's always  what Jc wants to do.

I don't want to blame this on Skylar and Ally but ever since they came here Kian and Jc have been a bit on the controlling pissed off side.

It's ridiculous.

"Aight guys I'm going to bed." Sam stood up from the couch and went to his room.

"Night Trevy." Ricky stood and went to bed himself.

I decided I should go to bed too. I went to the kitchen grabbed and Arizona and went off to bed.

Hehehe update again. I'm actually happy with this chapter for once. But yeah I guess it's not as bad as I thought whale that's it biiieeeeee!!!!!!!!

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