Rejects. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1.
Life Is Good.

When Thomas came home from school he noticed that his dad wasn't in the house. Thomas dumped his bag by the door and checked the handle of the basement that his father had changed into his workshop. It was locked. Obviously, Thomas thought dully. If it's been closed for fourteen years what's the chance that it will open today? His father was usually found in his room, the autobody shop he works at or in the basement he turned into his workroom, the room behind the door. As a kid, Thomas had thought his father was a spy or an inventor but now he realised that he was just a tinkerer. Thomas didn't know what his father kept in there although his father said that it contained "Just the stuff that people need fixed, mate." Thomas gave up trying to open the door and went to the back door to let Lola, his Golden Retriever, in. She bounded inside and ran to her bed, out of which she pulled an old sock. 'Do you want me to throw the manky old thing?' Thomas inquired.
Thomas threw it into the living room and walked to the kitchen. He had started dinner, a chicken, potatoes and salad,when his dad clomped in through the front door. His father removed his shoes and tried to shoot them into a basket lying three metres away. He got one in and yelled 'Score!' The other bounced harmlessly off the wall. He turned around and Thomas saw his father.
The brown hair that he and Thomas shared.
The old and greasy overalls with his name in faded yellow thread. Pete.
The slightly bent nose which Thomas knew had been broken more than once. The green eyes where a little more than average intelligence reined.
The muscles which had built up over the years of working at The Mechanic's Toolbox- his job and favourite place to be.
The width of his overalls, which, when mixed with his bulging muscles, made up almost half of his body weight.

Pete started toward Thomas, holding out his arms saying.'Hey champ. Good day?' It hadn't been but Thomas wasn't going to let him know that. He plastered a smile on his face and said. 'Yep, but if that grease touches me I will thump you.'
His father pretended to blunder towards him, then he backed off and headed toward the bathroom. 'Put that thing in the washing basket before you do anything!' Thomas yelled.
'Alright Mum!' Pete yelled back. Thomas set to work at the chicken with a smile on his face, his terrible school day fading into a small recess of his mind . However, that corner was breached over dinner and, like a leak in a boat, he overflowed. His Dad knew that school was bad but he was surprised at the amount of bullying by even the smallest nerd. 'But why are you being bullied so badly?' Pete asked.
'My size, my grades...' There was something else he didn't mention. His family. He was bullied because he never knew his mother and because of his father who was known as The Slob in his school.The more Thomas stood up for him the more he got bullied. Thomas didn't know why everyone bullied just him. After dinner they washed the dishes and sat down infront of the T.V to see the news. Lola trotted over from her dinner and sat down, with her head on Petes' clean pajamas.Pete let her head sit there for a while and Lola got bored and padded her way to her bed. There were a couple of articles on the news that interested Thomas. One of them was a report of sightings of some weird aliens. Another article was of some drugs and computer chips that had been stolen from NASA which was put down to a burglary. 'We expect to have them back within the week.' A cop was saying.'None of the burglars can escape. We'll have them good and tight.' 'Damn you, you...'Thomas was glad that his dad's words were indistinguishable from the televisions loud noise. But this was not the first time his father swore at the news. Usually it was shouting at the top of his voice, shaking the T.V. His dad despised the government, and many of his neighbours more than guessed it. Soon Pete settled down and they both enjoyed watching The Simpsons, raucously singing the theme song and laughing out loud at most of the jokes. It was late when they fell asleep, flopped on their beds, Pete snoring like anything, Thomas lying on his bed, watching the stars through the window, wondering how life could get any better.

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