CHAPTER FOUR : Wanna Date?

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  « So where do you come from? »

One more shot. One more time, this bitter taste of exotic cocktail on her tongue. She didn't seem to care though.

Hand running through her straight brown hair.

Grey irises gleaming with mischief. Dark eyelashes blinking, on purpose. Playing with him.

Saul bit his lower lip, hard.

He had a massive thing for strong-minded girls. Had tried to hide it before and ended up failing, started to date the one he had chosen. Each time. And, of course, he blamed the clubs and his drunken ways for this. He remembered that he once said in an interview that he was on the search for "the most normal, the most respectable girl with the dirtiest mind like the nymphomaniac type".

He couldn't recall why he had pronounced such a sentence, it had just felt right at the moment.

Just like Bar's gorgeous face, only a few inches away from him. « I'm from Seattle. »

He nodded, sipping a bit of his beer through the straw. Eyes still on her under his unruly hair. « You're a stripper, then? »

Red came to her cheeks quickly. She threatened to choke with a gulp of alcohol, leaned on the back of her chair. In an attempt to control her fluttering heartbeats. Her lips trembled as she wanted to explain herself, to justify this fact but nothing escaped from her mouth. Nothing at all. She remained silent for a while, pupils flashing him. « No. »

« Anyway... » Duff stepped into the conversation. « You're Shirley's friend. Why did you want to meet us now ? »

Fingers drumming on the table, nervously. « She... slept with Axl. And... I... basically took advantage of the situation! »

He laughed, brushing his bleached blonde mane away from his sight, approving. And she followed suit.

Cute, shy laughter.

Hands grabbing her glass. Bringing it to her nude lips, slowly. Tasting for the umpteenth time the cocktail.

Bar grinned at them, embarrassed as she noticed both of their gazes were stuck on her motions. « I should go. »

« Why? »

« It's late, Shirley's probably waiting for me. »

« She's sleeping already. » Slash drawled. « You're lying, Bar. »

Grey irises wide-open, locked on him, trying to understand how he was doing that. How he was reading into her mind without even knowing her. How he had guessed that fact. Noone had never noted that before. All the things she used not to tell, all the things she used to keep for herself.

Dirty little secrets.

« Do you have cigarettes? » She inquired, avoiding to protest

« Sure. »

She peeked across the room and motioned for the bartender three more drinks.

Confident, assured waves at him. Making him wink.

Two mouths dropped open, beguiled.

The brunette turned around to face them and her expression changed as she frowned. Shrugging her shoulders. « What? »

« You're definitely a stripper! » Slash asserted, crossing his arms over his chest

Bar took her time to give an answer. Swaying her seat slightly. Rolling a strand of hair around her index finger. She didn't want to expose herself like this, to say that, of course, she was stripping to pay her bills because there wasn't anything else to do in that city. Especially for girls. She couldn't throw her whole life in the discussion and pretend that didn't affect her.

Because she would lie, one more time.

A quick breath. Craving for some air. Desperate. Nodding in approval.

The two youngsters waved their hands as if it sounded obvious. As if they didn't care. As if they understood why, or at least they had guessed so. Which had the power to make her relax a tiny bit, causing her to sigh in relief quietly.

« I was right! » Slash laughed. « As usual. »

Duff rolled his eyes. An amazing smile upon his face, stretching his features. Bar felt her heart melt as he planted his gaze on her.

Dark eyes locked on her.

She had to stare at an invisible point on her shoes to avoid blushing. Grabbed the pack of cigarettes on the table, took his lighter and brought one to her mouth.

Nude lips puffing the smoke out. Letting the silence fill the conversation.

Her mind full of thoughts, complicated ones. Trying to weigh the pros and the cons of the situation.

Alcohol starting to flow through her veins.

« Do you take drugs, Bar ? »

« No. »

« Good choice. » The blonde boy affirmed

Eyebrows raised. Wondering what this meant. Bar patted the small bicolor tube above the ashtray and gazed at the ashes falling down in it, as if she was miles away from here. From the club and this crazy night she was living. Back to Seattle, back to the time she used to spend all her days and nights taking care of her granddad.

« My mom... » She went, feeling comfortable now. « Is kind of a junkie. That's why I don't. »

He nodded. Didn't want her to feel bad. Didn't want to recall her bad memories. At all. Gave her a supportive look as a small smile spread across his face.

He had guessed.

The girl crashed her cigarette in the pot and got up. On impulse, like a beauty queen. Made her way to the bar, adjusting the oversized high-waisted jeans on her hips. She sensed their gazes on her back, on her legs, on her high-heels. Up and down. She didn't pay attention too long and gripped the drinks standing on the counter, thanking the bartender with a beautiful grin, leaning against the flat surface. Yet, she could hear pieces of their discussion beside the music, the people and all the distractions around her.

« I like her. » Slash's voice echoed slightly

Laughter. Duff's. « I know. Me too. »

« Wanna date her. »

« Go ahead, then. »

 « All right. »

A heart pounding madly, sweaty hands gripping the drinks. A wide smile spread across her face as she did so and she had to bit her lip to control her trembling gestures. Hard. So hard that she could feel the taste of blood. Didn't care at all, though.

Translucent pupils gleaming mean, wishing that the sweet sensation within her body would never end.

Bar went back to the two musicians, grinning at them. Put the three bottles on the table. Brushed her hair away from her eyes. Doubted for a while, thinking that her imagination and the cocktails she had swallowed had driven her crazy. Had her picturing things that would never happen.

Uneven breathing. Lips ajar, seeking for some air that wouldn't go in her lungs.

« Yes. » She said, struggling with incomprehensible thoughts.

Confused looks. Duff threatened to choke with the smoke of his brand-new cigarette whereas Slash just frowned, not making out a single thing of what was occurring.

« What? » He inquired, adjusting his hat on his impressive mop of hair

« The date. Let's say tomorrow evening. »

Two pairs of eyes locked on her one more time. Bar shrugged her shoulders, flopping into her armchair.

« Is that okay for you, Slash? »

He nodded his head slightly, like a cute little boy afraid to do anything else. Somehow, she found this extremely attractive, hardly contained a laughter. « Yeah, sure. »

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